Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Research? Essay

Should animals be used for scientific researches? Many scientific researches use many animals for their experiments. Others prefer to use different animals to get better medicine for the people. Occasionally, it is occur in the rich countries and it will effect to the poor counties and people because animals are losing day by day but researches are still doing for their job. All animals are given their happy life to the people. Animals has also family and they die early by the people. People are the highest standards than other animals because they have brain but they kill other animals by force and torture.

All animals are heroes for us because they give their life and help the people. However, nobody can’t do like that because of competition on the world. Researches who understand worst reasons for animals then they try to stop it but no brain human who are knowing and doing for their job. There are extremely concerns about human lives. Some researches know about it. On the world, if we kill lot animals and do experiment for their goal by killing without success for their job whether they will success or not, they will do more.

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Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Research? Essay
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Lack of brain an animals are our great heroes of our life because they give their life and they prevent safely. However, a person who did experiment really well, we should not call heroes for us because they kill many animals and they get success. Animals can be a useful for research but it should not be always, if we don’t kill animals a lot they can live happily life with their family also we can’t get as their happily life we can’t see it but we can fell it. Therefore, we must try to useless than before.


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