Should Having Tattoos Affect What Kind of Job You Get? Essay

SHOULD HAVING TATTOOS AFFECT WHAT KIND OF JOB YOU GET? YES, unfortunately some employers do not like visible tattoos they consider it reflex’s bad on there image, don’t matter whether your qualified for the job or not. Are you planning on wearing long sleeve shirts forever? Depending on your job, getting a tattoo might affect your employment. Consider things like getting a tattoo on your forearm, neck or hands. Most tattoo artists won’t tattoo your hands or neck just out of moral obligation. Many say, “We don’t want you coming back later complaining about how you can’t find a job because you got a tattoo up on your throat. Tattoos are becoming more common, and more acceptable. Some tattoos might not affect your job, but it is still something to consider. You might be working for a bank or some other professional company that doesn’t want to be represented by a tattooed, bleached, spikey, colored hair person. So really consider what your future career will be before you get a tattoo done on your forearm, hands, neck or any other places that are not as easily covered up. Especially a large, noticeable one could definitely hinder your potential to get a job as a grade school teacher for sure!

First impressions speak volumes, and tattoos may transmit the wrong message to your possible employer. I vote no. Tattoos are irreversible (removing them is painful, expensive and doesn’t fully work anyways) and most of the time a turn-off to employers. Also many job companies can judge you for your tattoos, so it can affect their choice of hiring you for the job you’re applying for. Most people could disagree to the opinion of others that say you shouldn’t be able to get any job with a tattoo that is visible, large, represents a bad thing ect.

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Should Having Tattoos Affect What Kind of Job You Get? Essay
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