Should Organs Be Bought and Sold? Essay

Whether human organs should be bought and sold, it really up to the person who is willing to go ahead with it. However, based on economics I think that human organs should be available for those that need them. An example would have to be that with our kidneys, we are able to live with only one of them, and if there was someone that we matched their blood type could we honestly say that we would refuse them one if their life were in the balance? I do also think that based on the economic part of it we should be willing to donate our organs once we do die to help those that need it.

I do know that the donor lists are long for those that need any part of the body. However, I do not think that they should be bought and or sold on the black market. Since some people will harvest organs on unwilling people and go and sell them on the black market. I do think that it should be possible for human organs to be bought and sold at a global level. If there was someone let’s say in Germany, that had the same type of match for someone in the United States that need the transplant, and no one in the United States had the same type of match then it should be ok to get the organ from Germany, if it is going to save someone’s life.

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Should Organs Be Bought and Sold? Essay
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Something else that needs to be taken into consideration, is the medical schools, even though a cadaver may have missing organs, it should not stop them from taking them. Because the first thing that should come first is by helping out those in need, and that would have to be those that need a transplant. Those people should come first and foremost, since if they would die while waiting a transplant; it is not far to them or their family members.


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