Should physical education be a mandatory class? Essay

Should Physical Education be a mandatory class? Canada Is a nation, where physical education was once mandatory. However, now It seems that society discourages physical education by cutting gym classes In schools, and reducing physical activities in classrooms. Some schools make physical education a choice which most should disagree with. It is important for students to stay physically fit at all times. This is a healthy consideration that will help students fight obesity, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Therefore, physical education should be mandatory in all schools because students need to be active and understand the concept of healthy living. Having regular exercise is an advantage as it helps students to be physically fit and healthy, high academic achievement, and reduces health care. “Living healthy’ is a powerful statement that has different meanings such as living longer, having low blood pressure and reducing the risk of getting diabetes.

Having a healthy lifestyle with an exercise routine is a very healthy CT of living, as it reduces stress and helps people focus on how to properly take care of the body. Physical education helps students improve their knowledge about health Issues leading to a more enjoyable life. Yet, some students do face challenges when performing physical activities, though It’s never too late to learn. Physical education is not a dangerous activity, It gets dangerous when students act Irresponsible and take it to the extreme. Physical education Is an important class that every school should have room for.

Some students dislike physical education because they feel that It’s a waste of time as It takes away time from other classes, however most student do not know the importance of physical education. On the other hand, each and every student has the right to choose, making physical education a choice. If they do not care. Forcing them to participate in physical education would not help. This may be true, but without physical education, this can lead to an obesity crisis with students. Physical education also helps students academically.

It helps students focus and pay attention In class. Studies show that Physical education positively affects overweight and obesity, HAD cholesterol, Blood pressure, Insulin resistance, Skeletal health, Musculoskeletal injuries, Psychological well-being, Self-esteem, and Anxiety/ depression. The more physical activities people participate in, it increases their health benefits positively. According to Master university, “Most intervention studies used supervised programs of moderate to vigorous physical activity of 30 to 45 minutes oration 3 to 5 days per week.

The panel believed that a greater amount of physical activity would be necessary to achieve similar beneficial effects on health and behavioral outcomes In ordinary daily circumstances. ” People value different things. Some people may highly value the health benefits of physical activity. Others want to be active because they enjoy recreational activities or they want to look better or sleep better. Some people want to be active because it helps them lose weight or It glees teen a chance to spend TTL me Walt Eternal.

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Should physical education be a mandatory class? Essay
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