Should same-sex marriage be legalized in Australia? Sample Essay

In Australia. we have a low poorness rate. we have advanced engineering and we are the 2nd most developed state in the universe. So why would we pervert our well balanced society by leting same-sex matrimony? This impossible issue has been bombarded into our faces through assorted media mercantile establishments. such as newspapers. telecasting treatment plans and societal networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. As the subject of legalising same-sex matrimony in Australia grows. we must expose the truth that moving upon this issue and doing it legal for same gender civilians to get married will convey unwanted corruptness to our progressive society. First of all. in most chief faiths. homosexualism is considered a wickedness and that these faiths protect the sanctuary of matrimony between a adult male and a adult female. Second. by accepting homosexual matrimonies and altering The Marriage Act. the definition and regard for the establishment of matrimony is weakened dramatically. Last. worlds were biologically created to reproduce with a adult male and adult females to bring forth offspring’s. this can non happen when a homosexual twosome have the same anatomy as each other and the unity of the future coevalss will be in hazard.

Even though secularism is employed in western society. faith is still a major influence within our civilization. as of the 2011 Australian Census figures show that merely 22. 3 % of citizens declared “no faith. ” This represents that approximately 80 % of citizens follow a faith. preponderantly Christianity and Catholicism being at a combined per centum of 86. With this stated. these two major faiths follow the text known as The Bible. The Bible screens many affairs. including homosexualism. In a transition in the Old Testament. it was implied by Leviticus ( 20:13 ) that homosexualism is a wickedness. “If a adult male besides lie with world. as he lieth with a adult female. both of them have committed an abomination [ towebah ] : they shall certainly be put to decease ; their blood shall be upon them. ” This transition clearly displays how homosexualism is considered a wickedness. If changes do take topographic point to the Marriage Act that would let same-sex matrimonies. the authorities would express blasphemies towards the 19 1000000s people in Australia who follow either Christianity or Catholicism.

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Should same-sex marriage be legalized in Australia? Sample Essay
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As of 2010. 42 % of matrimonies in Australia resulted in divorce. This is a authoritative illustration how citizens recklessly enter matrimonies and end it with a divorce. this weakens how our society sees matrimony and the establishment of matrimony. The establishment is seen as a sacred committedness between a adult male and adult females. which are devoted to each other for life. Traditional nuptials vows province the followers. “…to have and to keep from this twenty-four hours frontward. for better or for worse. for richer. for poorer. in illness and in wellness. to love and to care for ; and I promise to be faithful to you until decease parts us. ” This clearly defines how society positions matrimony. so why must be burden its definition by traveling through a boring procedure of changing the jurisprudence? If we allow homophiles the right to marriage. what is following? Pet lovers get marrieding their cats and Canis familiariss or people who have the fetish to cadavers get married a dead organic structure from the local mortuary to fulfill their desires? This is hideous! How can we allow our society destroyed the countenance of matrimony by allowing same gendered twosomes to wed. As a bright and good educated state. we need to continue the self-respect matrimony holds and non let same-sex twosomes to stultify the image of matrimony in Australia.

As we all know. both work forces and adult females have different anatomies. this makes work forces and adult females unlike from one another. The chief logical ground for this is so work forces and adult females come together. to fall in as one and reproduce to do offspring’s. This is the so called “circle of life” for worlds. For 1000s of old ages. this is how the Earth kept the population steady. why must we destroy this secure system? This is why it is critical to retreat same sex couples the right to get married. How are two males traveling to make a kid with no womb or egg cell? The lone kid they’ll of all time be able to do is at construct a bear workshop.

Work force and adult females ever were and will be considered “biologically right. ” The unity of our kids is on the line if we allow same-sex matrimony and if we of all time do. so we are giving the future coevals! It is indispensable for the younger coevals to turn up in an environment where merely a adult male and adult females are allow to wed. because these married twosomes are being function theoretical accounts and puting the illustration of what these kids need to make in subsequently life. When they are old plenty to mate and prolong a healthy household. they will make so and give birth to the following coevals. It is of import that we include this political orientation that biologically talking. merely a adult male and adult females are meant to be together and to let homosexual matrimonies in Australia will merely damage the societal cloth of our society and the scientific facet to matrimony.

As the opposing statements province that Australia’s foundations consist of equality. For Australia to take the following measure into increasing the sum of equality portrayed within our society is to let any same-sex twosome to be lawfully married in Australia. They believe than can accomplish equality by altering The Marriage Act. This statement is a blooper. since as an advanced state we have already achieved equality without holding to change the jurisprudence. Australia perpetuates equality by giving same-sex twosomes the term “De-facto relationships. ” These are a set of legal rights given to twosomes who are non married. There are some conditions you must follow to measure up for these rights. nevertheless bulk of de-facto relationships immediately qualify. These rights which are given to these relationships are neighboured to the rights to what a adult male and adult females would have through matrimony. Take the state of affairs if unluckily the spouse in a same-sex twosome has reach their death. the other would be entitled to the followers ; receive compensation under workers compensation jurisprudence ( if your spouse dies during the class of employment ) and claim fiscal aid under the Succession Act. These are merely a few of the legal rights de facto twosomes receive. so equality is still successful in Australia and there is no demand to change The Marriage Act.

As we see the inflow of homosexual right militant seeking to jostle down our pharynxs the trash they of course spill out of their oral cavity about legalising same-sex matrimony in Australia. we need to recognize where trash belongs. in the mopess with all the other dirt that’s thrown out. In a general overview. homosexualism is treason at its best. by commending the spiritual positions seen by the bulk of the 19 million Australian citizens who follow Christianity and Catholicism and to let the sacred harmoniousness of matrimony to be broken by changing the Marriage Act to suit for homosexual twosomes is ugly. Not merely would we be interrupting the traditional bonds which marriage holds. but sullying the significance of matrimony to our society. Last. work forces and adult females come together seamlessly to bring forth beautiful progeny and the unity of the following coevals prevarication in the custodies of homophiles to recognize they are incompatible with one another and leting same-sex matrimony would damage our delicate system of reproduction. We need to salvage the repute of our state and our kids. that is why same-sex matrimony should non be legalized in Australia.


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