Should We or We Shouldn't Give Something to the Beggars? Essay

Beggars are human being clothed in rags and could be seen anywhere begging. Beggars are a great problem in our society. They are blot on humanity. They even indulge in many criminal activities. The obvious reasons why there are beggars is illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. It is our moral duty to help to the weak, the hungry and the suffering people. But by giving out alms as charity, we do not help the beggars. As I have realized, there are many negative side effects when we are giving out money to beggars especially to the children.

Firstly, it won’t stop the growth of beggars because if you give money to them, it would be an enticement for children to continue begging and not study. Which could lead to an idea of the parent to turn their children as street beggars for it is profitable and ask themselves why send my child to school if they can make more money begging? Another is when we give money to them surely it won’t even have long-term benefit because it will be spent right away.

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Should We or We Shouldn't Give Something to the Beggars? Essay
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On the other hand, without the idea of where the money you have given will go, you may be even contributing to crime. With these reasons, handing out money is definitely not the best way to either help a child or feed him instead, we should help educate and rehabilitate them. We could also buy food for the family, donate old or unwanted clothes, or we could even give some school supplies. If possible, rather than giving something, we might consider giving some time by volunteering with children or street beggars in some programs of a public or private aid organization.


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