Silent Salesman: Vending Machine Technology adaptation in Sri Lanka Essay

1. Introduction A Vending Machine is a coin or note operated machine merchandising merchandises runing from fast traveling consumer goods up to selected electronic points. Peddling machine has been considered as the best machine-controlled retail solution that with one swipe. extinguishing the admiration through retail stores and ace markets. therefore ensures the unit of ammunition the clock convenience and exclusivity and impulse purchases for all clients. At present there are 1000s of peddling machines operated around the universe supplying convenient and prompt purchases of simple to most sophisticated array of merchandises.

This includes soft drinks. cocoas and confectionary. intelligence paper and caffeine drinks. coffin nails and short pastries. soups and cosmetics and list is eternal. Largely these machines could be found in mill premises. offices. retail stores. fuel pumping sheds. hotels and eating houses offering clients the advantage of speedy 24 hr service and the most dramatic characteristic is these machines could be operated with no human intervention.

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Silent Salesman: Vending Machine Technology adaptation in Sri Lanka Essay
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In pattern even in Sri Lanka. we have seen many caffeine and tea dispensers. but these machines do non fall into the class of peddling machines as they are non antiphonal towards the money/ card / coin inserts and seller handles the machine all by himself. The existent peddling machines that are been discussed here is antiphonal to coin. money note or a recognition card and the goods are dispensed in the interim without a gross revenues individual. Most significantly peddling machines enable round the clock gross revenues of merchandises. which aids in accomplishing the most moneymaking gross revenues volume with minimum runing cost. In bettering the productiveness and client dealingss. a batch of new inventions are being incorporated in to peddling machines

2. History and the Evolution of Vending Machines.

The really first point of mention to a peddling machine could be found in the plants of Great Alexandra. who was claimed to be an applied scientist and a mathematician during the first century. he created a machine which accepts a coin to distribute Holy Water. When coin was entered into the machine it will set down on a pan attached to the lever. and it opened a valve allowing the H2O to flux out. Pan will lean as per the weight of the coin and at one point counter weight will snarl the lever up and adjust the valve back to normal.

In industrial Sense. the first coin operated was introduced in UK – London in early 1880 to distribute station cards. followed by that first peddling machine in USA was built in New York City train platform dispensing gum and subsequently on more sophisticated attention deficit disorder on ‘s were introduced. Peddling machine thought was considered as a trade simulator and around the clock gross revenues rep. In the beginning of the times. Peddling machines manufacturers were providing soft drinks. short bites and caffeine through these machines.

This spreads a existent consciousness of drinks peddling significantly. One of the biggest success countries at the clip was in the industry of disposable cups. Even today in most western and Europe states java peddling machine is a widespread sight in the bulk locations where there are a great figure of individuals. Whether you are in an airdrome. a infirmary or an office edifice. the chances of being able to catch a cup of java. a bite or soft drinks from a peddling machine is highly good.

In its earlier yearss purchasers were hesitating to catch nutrient merchandises from peddling machines. as they suppose these machines do non needfully offer healthy or fresh things. Consumers had shown a desire to read nutritionary value labels before to buy. That is exactly why they ne’er trusted the freshness of peddling machine points. With evolving clip simple peddling machines turns into fresh peddling machines to offer the fresh and healthy nutrient material for consumers.

Fresh Vending meets the consumer demand for healthy and fresh easy entree nutrient options. This is the ground for the presence of these fresh healthy peddling at most of the topographic points such as gyms. schools. shopping topographic points. colleges and offices. With the recent detonation of peddling services. along with the approaching reaching of close field communicating. which has close linkages with phones to bank histories much more fleetly than recognition card readers. it’s clear that anything that can be sold will finally be sold by a peddling machine. Particularly when most of the peddling machines are light leaden and portable the undertaking is simpler.

3. Peddling Machine Mechanism Vendor machines are operated on the footing of a collaborative set of new engineerings. i. Wireless Communication With the usage of wireless communicating method. seller receive up to the minute overview on stock list and gross revenues tendencies. When stock list is running low below the buffer stock. ware house and closest mercantile establishment / office is updated and within an mean response clip period of 2 to 4 hours stock list is restocked. Minute to minute gross revenues tendency analysis will enable the gross revenues force to do anterior anticipations on twenty-four hours terminal gross revenues units at that place by the production will besides be adopted to accommodate the extra demand where necessary. It is noticeable that wireless communicating renders 40 % less C emanations than the usual Personal computer use for gross revenues and it helps in cut downing the operating expenses and cut down the power ingestion. two. Use of Debit Cards / Credit Cards for Payments

The chief unfavorable judgment that seller machines in West faced was that the coin / money note that is inserted could be a counterfeited one. but the new engineering has enabled to utilize the recognition card or may be a debit card. where clients find it hard to rip off. Certain peddling machines provide the installation on stored value system and point of sale systems depending on customers’ demand. three. Immediate and Exclusive Local Reports

Peddling machines provide immediate studies on latest sale tendencies. stock list degree and needed buffer stock. In that sense a perfect stock control could be carried out. Particularly if vending machines are used in a concatenation of eating house. the engineering will associate each seller for different supplies ( Eg: studies on Cola / pizza / comeuppances etc ) four. Global positioning system: Global Positioning System

All distribution vehicles are equipped with GPS which enable a smooth trailing and all vending machines are connected with the chief office on gross revenues. All employees carry a radio phones and dispatched calls where the squad communicating is enhanced. Use of nomadic devices and electronic mails besides enhances a smooth supply of terminal merchandises.

4. Peddling Machine Technology Adaptation in Sri Lanka When discoursing peddling machine operations in Sri Lanka. it has non been installed and operated decently in local context at all. nevertheless we have already experienced on Nescafe/ Tea / Ice – pick. but their functionality has ne’er been to any closer as for a peddling machine. Sing the local market. these peddling machines could be extended to those of detersive / soap / pharmaceuticals for non prescribed light medical specialty etc. Sri Lanka’s market is far smaller than a province population when comparing with US. therefore practicality of implementing this engineering should be much easier. Following provide a justness in concluding the pertinence of peddling machine engineering in Sri Lanka Unbeatable merchandise visibleness:

Peddling Machines non merely expose the merchandises but besides sell them. this is more appropriate when there are many trade names to take in between. as through peddling machines encourage trade name exclusivity.

Impulse Purchases

Peddling machines enables the merchandises to be seeable to the client enabling common selling rule ; the more you see more you buy. to be practiced. and this generates impulse purchase

Wider Distribution

Peddling machines are secured and a perfect manner to hive away goods with a looming hygiene where the client is reciprocally is guaranteed with a clean and uncontaminated merchandise. This could typically be used to advance merchandises that influence consumers purchasing behaviour and picks with assorted methods. therefore machine-controlled peddling machines could be “the ideal” manner in proving the alteration in client response.

Enhanced Brand Image

Peddling machine is doubtless a new coevals sophisticated method of selling and should be most applicable to fast traveling consumer goods. where it places the company and its brand/s as sophisticated and frontward minding

Silent Salesmans

Peddling machines work softly and bring forth gross revenues around the clock for 365 yearss a twelvemonth. Especially Sri Lanka for being a state which has declared vacations overly than the West. peddling machines provide the perfect solution for gross revenues coevals maintaining the gross revenues force off. This will farther be accommodated with statements as. labour work stoppages and extended leave jobs. Even though the employees go on work stoppage. gross revenues will non be dropped until some ulterior clip.

Avoid of Adulteration

Peddling machines provide a solid solution for debasement of merchandises from the original content. particularly in footings of pharmaceuticals and detergents. cocoas and confectionary. This state of affairs is most likely which contaminate the trade name image and finally leads to a heavy loss in gross. Besides It is of import to detect that there can be a batch of first clip clients. where the companies need to guarantee to last the first feeling on them. where the debasement and extras can do it the other manner around.

Deeper Market Penetration

Peddling machine allows houses to tap on newer markets doing the ain portion turn farther yet maintaining one measure ever closer to the client. These machines subtly perform point of sale advertisement and publicity of the merchandise. decreasing the load on operating expenses and station distribution publicities. And further it offer the client with redeemable voucher. sweep takes. monetary value off and free offers.


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