Simple and Compound Machines

Question Answer
A machine with few or no moving parts that you apply just one force to. Simple Machine
The use of a force to move an object across a distance. Work
A simple machine made up of a bar that pivots, or turns, on a fixed point. Lever
The balance point on a lever that supports the arm but does not move. Fulcrum
A simple machine made of a wheel with a rope, cord, or chain around it. Pully
A simple machine made of a wheel and an axle that turn together. Wheel-and-Axle
A simple machine that is a slanted surface. Inclined Plane
A simple machine composed of two inclined planes back to back. Wedge
A machine that is made up of two or more simple machines. Compound Machine
A simple machine made of a post with an inclined plane wrapped around it. Screw

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