Sinclair Lewis Sample Essay

Sinclair Lewis was born in Sauk Centre. Minnesota. on 7th February 1885. He was the boy of Dr. Edwin J. Lewis and Emma Kermott Lewis. Sadly. Sinclair’s female parent Emma died when he was merely six. In 1892 his male parent married Isabel Warner. Although he got along with his measure ma. he ran off from place and hoped to go a drummer male child in the Spanish-American War when he was 13.

In 1902 Lewis went to Oberlin Academy. While at that place. he developed a spiritual enthusiasm that fluctuated during the bulk of his adolescent old ages. In 1903 he attended Yale and worked towards his bachelor’s grade. Prior to having it. nevertheless. he took some clip off to work at the socialist commune. Helicon Home Colony. and to go to Panama. Because Lewis was ugly and seemed self-involved to a batch of people. for the most portion he had a difficult clip doing friends at both Oberlin and Yale. There were a few exclusions. nevertheless. He was able to keep a smattering of relationships with some professors and pupils who saw promise in his authorship.

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Sinclair Lewis Sample Essay
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After gaining his bachelor’s grade in 1908. Lewis wrote for newspapers and printing houses in hopes of going a full-time author. That same twelvemonth he moved to New York City where he became a free-lance author. In 1912. Lewis published his first novel. Hike and the Aeroplane. In 1914. he married Grace Livingston Hegger. and besides published Our Mr Wrenn: The Romantic Adventures of a Gentle Man. Subsequently. he published The Trail of the Hawk in 1915. Two old ages subsequently. he and Grace had their lone kid. Wells. In 1920. Lewis published the novel Main Street. his first popular work. This book earned him a repute as a great novelist. Main Street sold 180. 000 transcripts in the first six months. and within a few old ages its gross revenues were estimated at two million.

Lewis’s most celebrated work. Babbitt. was published in 1922. A sarcasm of American civilization. society. and behaviour. it critiques the jejunity of middle-class American life and its force per unit area toward conformance.

In 1925 he published his following novel. Arrowsmith. This book was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1926. but Lewis refused to accept it. Besides in 1925. he divorced his married woman Grace

His following book. Elmer Gantry. was published in 1927. followed by Dodsworth. in 1929. Both books were well-received and in 1930 Lewis became the first American novelist to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Between the release of these two books. Lewis married dorothy Thompson in 1928. and had a boy named Michael in 1930.

Although he was no longer an active socialist. Lewis continued to compose books that called attending to political and societal alteration. These included Ann Vickers in 1933. a book about the women’s motion and prison reform. and It Can’t Happen Here in 1935. a warning about the dangers of fascism.

In 1942 he and dorothy got divorced. After World War II. his novels included Cass Timberlane in 1945. Kingsblood Royal in1947. and God-Seeker in 1949.

Sinclair Lewis was an alcoholic and after a bosom onslaught his physicians told him to halt imbibing if he wanted to populate. Lewis was unable to make this and died of palsy of the bosom in Rome on 10th January 1951.


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