Singapore tourism vulnerable to climate change Essay


The overall purpose of this research is to understand the ways in which touristry in Singapore is vulnerable to climate alteration. Predicting climate alteration is complex but even more complex is foretelling how people will react to that alteration ( Perry, 2005, 94 ) . Therefore, tourers, who are major participants in this touristry concern, are exceptionally important. This survey employs tourers ‘ perceptual experiences and sentiments every bit good as statistical informations from authorities beginnings in understanding how touristry in Singapore may be affected under predicted clime alteration scenarios in the coming decennaries. Three research aims were developed for turn toing this purpose as mentioned in the debut. In this concluding chapter, sum-up of the consequences for each of these aims would be highlighted.

Objective 1: To document the nature clime as a resource for touristry in Singapore

Atmospheric conditions conditions may impact tourist demand, engagement, experiences and satisfaction ( de Freitas, 2003 ; Yu et Al, 2009 ) . Singapore ‘s “hot and sunny” conditions status and all-year-round sunlight Acts of the Apostless as a immense drift pulling tourers. The significance of clime among other factors was revealed in the study and confirmed the findings by Hamilton, et Al ( 2005 ) that conditions and clime can move as both push and pull factors.

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Singapore tourism vulnerable to climate change Essay
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Despite admiting that clime is an of import resource for touristry in Singapore, this survey made an interesting determination that conditions did non turn out to be the ultimate pick impacting tourer ‘s determination to Sentosa. Attractions in the finish was systematically ranked foremost when respondents were asked the importance of factors relevant to their visit to a state for touristry every bit good as the most of import factor impacting their determination in sing Sentosa.

With attractive forces being the most of import factor impacting tourers ‘ pick to Sentosa, there is high possibility that Sentosa may be chosen in malice of the likely bad conditions. Tourists indicate that they would probably replace beach touristry for other activities such as indoor sightseeing attractive forces within Sentosa which are non upwind dependant. Hence trial to Sentosa is improbable to be affected because of the diverse types of attractive forces Sentosa provides. This indirectly points to a bigger image that for finishs pulling largely twenty-four hours visitants, clime alteration may hold smaller deductions, since possible visitants are more likely to alter programs or adapt to the on-site conditions conditions ( Aylen et al. , 2005 ) .

Objective two: To gauge future effects and hazards on the touristry sector under direct predicted clime alteration scenarios

The touristry sector in Singapore generates more than S $ 12 billion in touristry grosss annually and employs approximately 60 % of the work force in Singapore ( MOM, 2009 ; MTI, 2009 ) . Given the increasing importance of the touristry industry to the economic system, it is critical to understand the deductions of clime alteration for the industry.

Climate alteration has the possible modify tourer demand and travel forms ( Scott et al. , 2004 ) . Although climate alteration may convey about new chances for some states, Singapore would most probably be faced with more challenges. First, with planetary heating, Singapore may go excessively hot and humid for comfort. Second, with the clime of other parts and states altering for the better, the demand for a winter flight to warm clime states diminishes.

In add-on, the survey investigated the reactions of tourers ‘ behavior to the possible direct impact of clime alteration that might most likely impact Singapore in the coming old ages. Increasing rainfall yearss would most likely consequence in a lessening in yearss of stay with tourers bespeaking that they would still take to come to Singapore but avoiding that heavy rainfall periods. On the other manus, in the instance of an addition in temperature or rainfall events which are extremely unpredictable, it seems that tourers would more likely accept and be after their activities to accommodate these random conditions conditions.

These reasonably negative consequences demonstrate the demand for the sector to look into ways that can better the attraction and fight of Singapore as a tourer finish. Surveies have shown that tourers are capable of accommodating and altering their travel behaviors when confronting uncertainnesss and unexpected factors. Stewart & A ; Vogt ( 1999 ) suggest that touristry programs frequently were changed, particularly sing on-site activities. Therefore, what is most of import is the initial motive of pulling tourers to Singapore.

Singapore must turn out herself as a worthy finish with many alternate activities that is available for visitants confronting utmost hot conditions or sudden rainfall due to the altering clime. With Singapore ‘s touristry industry being extremely diversified without favoring any peculiar type of touristry, there is a balance of both indoor and out-of-door attractive forces to supply visitants satisfactory touristry experiences even under unsure conditions conditions. In add-on, statistics show that shopping, is one of the chief motivations of tourers coming to Singapore every bit good as a high gross gaining sector, with Orchard Road being the most visited site in Singapore. Therefore, if shopping which is non-weather dependant, is one of the chief attractive forces actuating tourers to Singapore, it seem possible that climate alteration may hold small impact in altering tourers ‘ heads about sing Singapore.

Objective three: To discourse extenuation policies employed or suggested by the UNWTO entree the effects of using these schemes in Singapore

Two extenuation schemes are reviewed: encouraging short-haul finishs and market clime policy instruments which includes revenue enhancement. Singapore is a little island province with merely the Southeast Asiatic part being within its short-haul finish. Therefore, advancing short-haul finish as a extenuation scheme may take to damaging economic effects for Singapore as a consequence of huge doomed of a important possible portion of tourers.

Between the two schemes reviewed, the latter seems to be a more desirable. This is reflected in 75 % of respondents showing willingness to increase their disbursement on green installations which includes fuel efficient airplane. They believe that it is their societal and environmental duty to pass a little more for the interest of the environment.

Although extenuation schemes for the touristry industry may non be welcomed by both touristry operators and tourers as they are likely to ensue in an addition in cost of travel or incommodiousness, therefore cut downing fight, they are deemed indispensable. Unlike natural catastrophes or terrorist onslaughts, clime alteration is non merely a short-run consequence that could so be rapidly forgotten. As King concludes competently “In my position, clime alteration is the most terrible job we are confronting today, more serious even than the menace of terrorism” ( 2004: 176 ) . Therefore, the demand for extenuation schemes in Singapore to cut down the tendency of future clime alteration impacts is a urgent necessity.


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