Sir Alex Ferguson, the Greatest Scot Essay

The Greatest Scot The greatest Scot was a television programme that presented the different views with different categories with different people to choose from for the prestigious title. The different categories were; sport, inventors and entrepreneurs, leaders and thinkers, arts and entertainment, scientists and engineers and brains, with big names in there like Sean Connery, William Wallace and Jock Stein, but the person which I believe deserves the coveted status is Sir Alex Ferguson. I highly doubt that even one person in the world who has never heard his name.

That in its self is just one reason which makes him a perfect fit, for The Greatest Scot. Alex Ferguson has been at a few clubs. He started his managerial career at East Stirlingshire, He then moved to St. Mirren then to Dunfermline Athletic. At these three clubs, He barely won a thing. His reputation was getting shockingly bad. Then came the opportunity to manage Aberdeen. His first few seasons at the Dons were pitiful, bad play, no trophies, then one season they won the Scottish Premier League. They won it the next season as well, and the season after that!

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Sir Alex Ferguson, the Greatest Scot Essay
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In Sir Alex’s last season at Aberdeen, he won the Scottish Premier League and the most wanted trophy by every club in Europe, the European Cup. His stature as a manager was catching everyone’s attention. At the time Alex took over at Aberdeen, they were a mid-table club, by the time he finished with them they were European champions! When He left Aberdeen, he joined a club called Manchester United. It was 1988 the year he joined. He has been there for 22 years now and is still doing a fantastic job. In his time at United, He has won 34 trophies. 1 English Premier League Titles, 8 Charity/community Shields, 5 English F. A. Cups, 4 English League Cups, 2 European Cups, 1 European Cup Winners Cup 1 European Super Cup, 1 Intercontintal cup, 1 Fifa club World Cup. That averages out at over 1 trophy a season. He has made Manchester United one of the most successful clubs in the world. The amazing thing is, is that He is still at United and still winning trophies and improving United each season. While Sir Alex has been at United he has brought in young minor players and has turned them into football superstars.

For example; Wayne Rooney, a young 18 year old who was a trivial player at Everton. Alex brought him to United and now Rooney is one of the best strikers in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo is another; he was bought from a Portuguese club called sporting Lisbon, for a pretty big sum of ? 10 million! Six years after being bought He was voted World Player of the year. The same year Spanish giants Real Madrid paid United ? 80 million for him; it broke the transfer record by ? 20 million. Sir Alex, using Rooney and Ronaldo as examples has lead young footballers to keep it up and they could someday be like Rooney and Ronaldo.

Sir Alex has turned two reasonable clubs into amazing league winning sides, Aberdeen and Manchester United. They were both mid-table clubs when he took over and he transformed them into great teams. Any team would be lucky to have such a manager as Sir Alex. It is a fact that Ferguson is the most successful manager ever, not just in Britain but in the World! All together He has won 45 different trophies with only 3 clubs. That is worthy of another trophy in its self. He is the best manager to ever live and He is still living.

Best manager ever, He has to be the Greatest Scot. Which other Scotsman has their name known over the entire earth?! Even though I am a Liverpool supporter and despise Manchester United, I cannot take away the influence Sir Alex has had on them. He truly is an iconic figure. He is a name everyone knows. Can you think of any other name known around the world (except Barack Obama)? The Greatest Scot ever, and still going, the epic Sir Alex Ferguson, Manager of Manchester United and Greatest manager ever. Jonathan Brannen


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