SIT322 practice exam Essay

SIT322 Distributed Systems Practice Exam Questions Instructions Choose the most appropriate answer from the following questions. How many integration styles are applicable to enterprise? 2) Is it true or false that a channel can be used concurrently by multiple applications? a. True b. False 3) What does a receiver or consumer do to receive a message? a. By fetching a string object b. By reading and deleting a message from a channel c. By calling the MessageFactory. Receive() method in JMS 4) How many parts does a message normally consist of? d.

More than 3 Page 1 Which of the following statements is FALSE? 5) In a send-and-forget system, the sending application can go on to other work a. and-forget system, the receiver will eventually receive the message. c. In a store-and-forward system, the messaging system stores the message on the receiver’s computer, either in memory or on disk. d. The store-and-forward process may be repeated many times. 6) Which of the following statements is FALSE when we compare different integration styles? a. Messaging is more immediate than File Transfer. b.

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Messaging is better encapsulated than Shared Database. c. Remote Procedure Invocation is more reliable than Messaging. d. File Transfer is more reliable than Remote Procedure Invocation. 7) a. An integration solution allows the communicating parts loosely coupled. b. An integration solution disallows synchronous communication. An n-tier application tends to have human users who only accept rapid system c. response times. d. Integrated applications are independent applications. 8) What terminology shall we use to describe shared business functions? a. Service b. SOA c.

EAI . CRM Page 2 Which are the key components for a service-oriented architecture? 9) a. Service provision b. Service provision and negotiation c. Service discover and service provision d. Service discovery and negotiation a. Coupling is a measure. b. Coupling can be evaluated in an absolute manner. Coupling measures the amount of assumptions parties make about the environment when they communicate. d. Coupling stands for the level of complexity of any system. Is it true that the simplest approach of integration is to use file sharing? c. Sometimes True and sometimes False

Which of the following statements is TRUE? a. File sharing is a dated approach to system integration. b. Files are a particular storage mechanism. c. By using files, integrators need no knowledge of the internals of an application. d. Each application can make internal changes freely without affecting other applications. Is it true that shared database provides an unencapsulated data structure? a. True Page 3 Which of the following addresses is used to identify a message channel? a. IP address c. A string d. URL Which of the following JMS API is used to create a message channel? createQueue(string queueName) b. createMessageQueue(string queueName) c. MessageQueue. Create(string queueName) d. Queue. create(string queueName) Which of the following actions is conducted to copy data between processes? a. Marshaling data into byte form b. Marshaling bytes into XML form c. Unmarshaling data into byte form d. Unmarshaling bytes into XML form 17) How many of queues are needed to implement a message pipe-filter? a. 1 Which of the following . NET API is used to transmit persistent messages? a. producer. send(message, DeliveryMode. PERSlSTNET); b. MessageQueue.

Create(“queueName”, true); producer. send(message, DeliveryMode. PERSlSTNET, Message. DEFAULT_PRlORlTY); Page 4 d. Producer. setDeliveryMode(DeliveryMode. PERSlSTENT); Which of the following routers is not considered as a simple router? a. Content-based router. c. Splitter. d. Routing slip. 20) How many output channels does a message filter have? d. More than 2 21) Which of the following architectural patterns is an aggregator? a. Publish-subscribe b. Request-reply c. Pipe-filter d. Stack 22) Which of the following concepts is the main reason why a resequencer is developed? To avoid buffer underrun b. To avoid buffer overrun c. To trigger buffer underrun d. To trigger buffer overrun e. None of the above Page 5 23) Is it TRUE that a wrapper adds information to a message? 24) Is it TURE that a messaging gateway is part of an application? a. True 25) b. Constant c. Isolated d. Durable 26) Where can a Smart Proxy store the Return Address? a. Inside the proxy b. Inside the message c. Both a and b d. None of the above 27) Which of the following actions shall we take to detect a faulty component inside our essaging system? . Broadcast random messages b. Inject a test message into the message stream c. Inject a random message into the message stream d. Use wire tap and inject a test message into the message channel Page 6 28) Which of the following patterns removes unwanted messages from a channel? a. Message Filter b. Message Bus c. Control Bus d. Channel Purger 29) Is it TRUE that SOA is referred to as Service-oriented Architecture? a. True 30) Is it TRUE that the Control Bus is one of the system management patterns? a. True page 7


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