Site Survey Essay

Checkpoint: Site Survey Benefits I am writing in regards to the wireless network project. It is important that we do a site survey before we attempt to install any wireless network. The first thing that we need to do is conduct the site survey, this will let us know if there are any other wireless networks currently in the area. This needs to be known so that we can figure out which band we will need so that we can minimize any interference and give the best performance possible.

By us doing this we can cut down on the cost of purchasing unneeded devices such devices which support multiple bands like 2. 4 GHz, 5 GHz, and other bands. Instead we can buy devices that will support single bands, while at the same time we can save on the time it will take to configure these devices to the network. Also by doing a site survey, I will be able to plan the network the correct and most cost effective way by being able to figure out which signal strength and channels will be the correct ones to use according to any other wireless networks that may be in the area.

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Site Survey Essay
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Doing this will save on the need to buy things that will not be needed like antennas. I will also not have to go through any multiple configuration changes that will have to be done because of installation guesswork trying to figure out which channels and configurations will work best. A site survey will give us the information for which buildings or signals may or may not be okay for a wireless network.

If we go through with the thinking that a wireless network will work properly without first checking out everything, we could run into spending more on shipping, installation and uninstalling. So in conclusion, I am asking that a site survey be done to not only save time, but money as well. The cost of the survey will be less expensive to do then purchasing a lot of unneeded equipment.


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