Six Elements of Theatre Essay

Two different roles I play in my day-to-day life include loving mother and dedicated hard working employee. These two are the most prominent roles that influence and impact my actions and reactions to situations and conversations. The following are six elements of the theatre and how my roles are incorporated:
Any mother will tell you that it is a full-time job to be a mother. That is most certainly true under normal circumstances, but even more in my life situation. I am a single parent of a child with Autism/Asperger Syndrome, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) named Lance, so not only am I his full-time mother but I am my child advocate for his unique and individual needs in all aspects of his life. Parenting a child with disabilities presents challenges that can be difficult and straining even on a strong family, but when you are presented these challenges by yourself if when you realize what you are made of and how strong one can really be. My life goal is helping my child have a fulfilling and meaningful life and with that my day-to-day activities reflect that. Our lives are extremely structured to help with stability and transitioning. Same with a job, my weeks are planed out with schedules, instructions and of course I allow time for the unexpected. In this role of my life, my act is to direct the course of my son and I lead.

Having a lifestyle that is so organized and structured had definitely played a part in my work ethic as well. I would consider myself to be a truly dedicated and hard working employee and often going above and beyond. Currently I am the Accounts Payable Clerk at the hospital in my home town. Since I have been there I have streamlined many aspects for the accounts payable system and revamped forms and procedures to make them more user-friendly and relevant. I really take the process as a whole into prospective and also take the time to understand other departments that are directly affected by accounts payable so that I can positively update processes and procedures. In this role of my life, my act is to perform at the high standard I can in my work environment so that it will only positively impact my future.
As a mother my audience ends to primarily be my son and immediate family. How I communicate with my son tends to be simple, positive and easy non-verbal communication, where as with the rest of my family I can use more complex communication.
My audience at work includes, but not limited to co-workers, vendors and customers/patients. My communication with my work audience is more formal and professional then in my everyday personal life. It is important for me to speak clearly and distinctly while maintaining a positive attitude and non-verbal communication in my work environment because it helps with effectiveness and reciprocation.
Home is my primary stage when it comes to being a loving mother. My stage can change at any point throughout the day depending on where we are such as doctor appointments, friends/family homes, etc. My stage tends to be more informal and comfortable in nature.
The hospital is my stage at work. It is professional in nature and doesn?t vary much from day-to-day.

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You would think that with me trying to be so organized and structured in my home life as a single mother that my life script would be pretty predictable, it is anything but. I am very organized and structured so that it can help me with the unpredictable. Having a special child like Lance it is more like the unpredictable is about the only thing to predict.
Considering my work environment, my script is fairly routine. The first thing I look at when I get to work is the new invoices I have received in my in-box. I then code the invoices by department and expense type. While doing this I make sure there are no discrepancies or anything out of the ordinary before they get sent to department supervisors for approval. Invoices I have received back from departmental approval I then enter into the accounts payable system. I cut checks once per week, the order in which invoices are paid are determined by our vendor terms per individual companies. I also do reconciliations, excel spreads on usages for various things in different departments. My week is pretty scripted but that doesn?t mean I don?t have to improvise from time to time.

My performance at home is that of a loving and caring mother. I am the best advocate for my child so I take that very seriously. I do a lot of reading and learning so that I am best equipped to help my child in any situation. I also have to work closely with my son?s school and doctors. If I am readily prepared I am doing my so justice. Sometimes the teachers and other faculty have the best intentions but don?t have the education to understand every type of special needs a child might have. That is where the parents need to come in and advocate for what is best for that child and help the school with ideas and anything else that may pertain to the situation.
My performance at work is that of a professional individual. I am knowledgeable and always continuing to educate myself so my performance can stay tip top. I strive to have a good relationship with my co-workers that are respectful, business friendly yet decisive and fair.
Audience Reaction~
I think audience reaction is vital in your life. Without it how do you know if your ?act? is being perceived the way you want it to be? Without positive or negative feedback by your audience, I don?t know how to adjust my performance to be the most beneficial for all parties.
Obviously how I receive this reaction or feedback is going to vary. In my act to be a loving mother my audience reaction is going to come from my son, family and the professionals that I work with that directly affect my son. My son?s reaction is going to be less noticeable, but determined by his mood and performance in life situations, whereas with my family they can vocalize their reactions. With the professionals it can be vocalized or in how you are able to work together effectively.
In my work environment my audience reaction is going to be on a more professional level. The reactions are both vocalized and through non-verbal communication. It is important to have good audience reaction or feedback in your work environment because that is what helps people stay motivated to maintain good quality work.
How I ?act? in both roles in my life have a lot of correlation between my success and happiness. This is the life I choose to live and I would not have it any other way. I am a true believer that you should never live with regrets, it?s all about learning and growing. I also have lived by the expression you can?t change how others people will act or react, you can only control how you act or react.


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