Sixth Sense Essay

The senses are basic: hearing. gustatory sensation. odor. sight. and touch. These are the given senses that are apart of every life animal on Earth. Peoples have ever wondered about the being of the 6th sense. A 6th sense is a power of perceptual experience beyond the five senses. Many have theorized that the ability of the 6th sense is a accomplishment that can be gained by appreciating nature. similar to the innate senses of an animate being. The thought of the being of a 6th sense has been misguided. The 6th sense we all believe is at that place. does non be. there are lone abilities or sweetening that have been misunderstood. Animals for along clip have seemed to hold a 6th sense but in world it is their already enhanced senses that we are seeing. Animals have been able to observe or even notice things that can non perchance be known. These are the chief cases where animals’ 6th sense is misconceived.

They are from a wholly different universe than we are. Animals have gained abilities that have helped them survive in nature. These heightened senses are due to the deficiency of one of their already basic senses. For illustration a chiropteran with its sightlessness relies on its ears to observe moving ridges. quivers in the air in order to see. Animals in bend of necessitating something to replace the deficiency of one of their senses additions an ability. Worlds have this capableness every bit good. The human organic structure can heighten a sense giving its host an ability that compensates for something lost. Worlds are merely every bit diverse as animate beings. We gain different abilities that are based on different factors like gender. heritage. and even the environment that 1 has grown up in. These factors are what makes an ability or even an sweetening even possible.

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One ability that have still yet to understand is replete. an congenital form of behaviour that is characteristic of a species and is frequently a response to specific environment. or can be defined as a powerful motive or urge. Every life animal has this ability inside them. it is merely the affair of how in touch one is with the inherent aptitude that is inside them. Animals for some ground are more in touch with their inherent aptitudes than we are as worlds. Some believe it is for the ground that animate beings are more in touch with nature. Humans merely seem to be truly in touch with their inherent aptitude when they are in serious danger. when their senses are more focussed because they know their life is threatened.

Animals have everlastingly been the idea to be the key of understanding what the 6th sense was. The fact that what they were detecting was something other than a 6th sense lead their decisions about the 6th sense to be misguided. There have been multiple events throughout history where animate beings have been noticed of holding uneven behaviours. In most instances animals’ behaviour was due to a catastrophe or something unusual they sensed. Most people have misunderstood there actions as something uneven. different. Peoples began to detect what was doing animate beings to move like this. when they found out why they wanted to cognize the how. How could the animate beings perchance know when there was a catastrophe?

This is what lead people to believe there was a 6th sense. Their observations were non of a 6th sense but an animate beings heighted senses working in their favour. Throughout history animate beings have had weird behavior when it came to catastrophes happening or even beforehand. The misconception of these animate beings is that these actions that they are exhibiting are due to a 6th sense. This is non the instance. most scientist province that we are seeing the animals’ heighted senses at work. Animals have senses that are superior to ours as worlds.

Depending on the animate beings determines which of the senses possibly more enhanced. On February 4. 1975. an temblor of magnitude 7. 3 struck the Haicheng County. Liaoning Province. Before the temblor hit local people saw hole uping serpents coming out from their holes into the snow. Through the period of the first three yearss in February the activity intensified even more. unusual behaviour in larger animate beings such as cattles. Equus caballuss. Canis familiariss. and hogs was reported. ( “The Use of Animals in Earthquake Prediction” 1 )

Events along this line is what people may misinterpret as a 6th sense that animate beings have. what people don’t truly think about is the abilities or the heightened senses animate beings have that acts as a warning. Once we identify what abilities or senses that are enhanced. we can derive better understanding as to why these animate beings reacted the manner they did in response to the temblor. Snakes for case. it is non surprising that they were the first to react to this coming menace.

They ‘hear’ by picking up quivers through their lower jaws. The portion of organic structure in direct contact with the land has an unbelievable sensitive stereo hearing. which enables a serpent to sense and observe the place of quarry ( “Facts about snakes” 1 ) . This ability can logically number as an early warning mark to an Earthquake. Snakes are non native to the environment that surrounds them. they notice the slightest alteration. By them being able to experience the quivers in the land they could experience the slightest tremble in the land.

Dogs on the other manus can hear higher pitched sounds that worlds can non hear. They frequently bark at vacuities because they hear a really loud raging pitch. Dogs detect sounds in the frequence scope of about 67 – 45. 000 Hz ( varies from different strains ) . compared to worlds with the approximative scope of 64 – 23. 000 Hz. Dogs have 18 or more musculuss in their ears leting them to be nomadic. whereas a homo has merely 6. ( “Understanding a Dog’s Senses”1 ) . These excess musculuss allow Canis familiariss to travel their ears specific waies as to better concentrate their hearing. Dogs with perked ears can normally hear good than Canis familiariss with hanging ears. particularly if they can travel their ears in the way of the sound.

This ability would besides explicate why the eyetooth would be able to respond to an temblor or any catastrophe that affects the sounds moving ridges in the air. By a eyetooth directing and concentrating it hearing on certain points. they would be able to find if there is a menace coming. This is merely one case where animate beings abilities have save them or acted as an early warning mark from a natural catastrophe. What people have been seeing was the enhanced senses and abilities that animate beings have working in their favour. Worlds on the other manus may derive an enhanced sense largely in particular instances.

Scientist were working on finding what factors contribute to a unsighted person’s sense of hearing being enhanced. They know that it is possible ;
they did non understand why this was happening. Some of their theories is that a 6th sense in the organic structure could be moving on a unsighted individuals hearing giving them a new manner to see. After much research scientist discovered that it is the encephalon that is doing the sweetening of the hearing sense. When a human losingss a sense a encephalon has to work harder in order to do up for what your male child has lost. We all know that the encephalon is a musculus and the more you use a certain country of it the lapidator it will go.

By a unsighted individual losing their sense of sight their encephalon works their musculuss in their ear more while makes the hearing capableness stronger. This position of a 6th sense was proven incorrect by that of scientific discipline. The scientists determined that there was non a 6th sense that was working but. an sweetening due to that lose of another sense. A factor that people over expression is that everyone already has a 6th sense. The lone action that every life animal has is instinct. Instinct is the something that scientist have non been to the full able to explicate.

A person’s. even an animal’s inherent aptitudes are unpredictable because it depends on how in touch they are with this inherent aptitude that lives inside of them. My research has lead me to the decision that the closest we as life animals have to a 6th sense is replete. Instinct is an inward stimulator that affects our five basic senses. As we know a 6th sense is a power of perceptual experience beyond the five senses. By following this definition and the cogent evidence of the continued misconceptions of the 6th sense. the logical ideal 6th sense would be replete.

Instinct in some cases can be controlled by sheer will power or even through changeless preparation. Instinct chiefly relies on your encephalons reactions in order to be activated. Think of your encephalon as a trigger. Scientist have discovered that inherent aptitude is more frequently triggered when one is believe to be in danger ( whenever life is threatened ) . The ground they believe animate beings are more in touch with their inherent aptitudes is because since they live in nature their lives are invariably threatened. This in bend ever maintain them on border. There sense are being invariably worked like a musculus. which allows them to acquire stronger.

Worlds on the other manus live a more comfy life manner. We have learned to do the environment around us work in our favour. We live a relaxed life. our lives are non invariably threatened. there are the cases where we get to a state of affairs where our life possibly on the line which than existences out our inherent aptitudes. To better understand the difference between the mean human life manner. compare it to a individual who has been on the conflict field for old ages. Their inherent aptitudes have been working invariably. We notice the difference the people had n these environments when they return mean society and seek to return to their normal life manner. They can’t turn it off because there organic structure now feels. merely like an animate beings. like there is ever a menace that is about to swoop.

There are more pathetic thoughts as to what the 6th sense could possible turn out to be with farther survey. Most people believe that we will be able to derive ace human power like psychokinesis. The power to travel object without using physical force. Bing able to pass on without the usage of speaking but through ideas. Scientist have non found any logical cogent evidence that this exist yet. they are go oning to make their research. This is merely one of the possibilities that has been widely viewed as a possible 6th sense throughout the twentieth and largely the 21st.

The misconception of the 6th sense are largely simple. Most of the positions on the 6th sense have been lone sweetenings and/or abilities. The fact that animate beings are so much different than us make it hard to compare them to us. We live in wholly different universe so the sense that we have are different. the abilities we obtain are different. and the inherent aptitude we develop is different. Look deeper and you will happen a true reply. there is ever something under the first sheet that is laid down.


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