Skeletal & Muscular System Vocabulary

Question Answer
bone marrow a gel-like substance that fills the cavity inside a bone; the bone marrow is a living part of the bone where blood cells are made
cardiac muscle type of muscle tissue found only in the heart
cartilage soft flexible tissue (tip of our nose and outer ears are made of this)
compact bone the thick outer layer of bones
endoskeleton skeleton on the inside of the body
exoskeleton skeleton on the outside of the body
involuntary muscle muscles that function without one's control
joints where two or more bones meet and are held together
ligaments strong bands of tissue that hold bones together at a joint
muscular system the system that handles movement of body parts
skeletal muscle type of muscle tissue that moves our bones
skeletal system system of bones and cartilage that supports the body
smooth muscle type of muscle tissue found in many internal organs
spongy bone hard bone filled with many openings; it is found near the end of many bones
tendons tough, connective tissues that attach muscle to bone
voluntary muscles muscles that you can control

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