Skeletal System-Health Nov. 18

Question Answer
Purposes of the Skeletal System: a. Gives you shape and size.
Purposes of the Skeletal System: b. Helps you move with the help of the muscles
Purposes of the Skeletal System: c. Makes red blood cells.
Purposes of the Skeletal System: d. Protects your organs
Purposes of the Skeletal System: e. Stores calcium
Ways to keep your bones healthy: So you do not have soft bones also known as Osteoporosis Eat foods with calcium, milk yogurt, cheese, broccoli. Eat foods with phosphorus – meat, eggs, fish, cheese. Also get plenty of Exercise
Osteoporosis Condition that causes Soft bones
Calcium Robbers are – Limit Having these: Nicotine(smoking), soda, sugar, alcohol, too much salt, being overweight
What is a Tendon? Thick tissue that connects muscles to bones
What are Ligaments ? Thick tissue that connects bones to bones
What is Cartilage? Tissue on the end of bones, your nose is mostly made of cartilage.
Bones: Your Head Skull/Cranium
Bones: Shoulder Joint Clavical
Bones: Center of Chest Sternum
Bones: Center of the back Spine
Bones: Holds your legs in place Pelvis
Bones: Fingers Metacarpals
Bones: Wrist Ulna
Bones: Forearm Radius
Bones: Upper Arm Bone by shoulder Humerous
Bones: Upper leg bone by hips Femur
Bones: Knee Patella
Bones: Lower leg bone Tibia or shin
Bones: Lower leg bone outer thin Fibula
Bones: Foot Metatarsals

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