Skill and Train Essay

Supervisor means a leader. So, you have to describe a qualities in a leader. Good leader is a strong-willed, have enough influence and respect to have people following him. Good leader is a team player. So think about it and describe it. imagine you have a supervisor and think how would you wanted to be treated by him and write about it. 10Would you prefer to go on a long trip by car or by train? If i have to choose from car and train for long trip then i prefered to go by train only. first resone is that if i go by train then i do not have to drive. I simply use my this time in reading books or any other magazines.

And after long driving may be i can not enjoye the place of my destination. And if i go by train then i feel like fresh so i enjoye my trip as well as the place of destination also. Second resone why i prefer train becouse, i meet with different peoples. And i talk with him and get involved in good discossion. And that way i improve my communication skills and mack new friend from different field. So in my oponoin for long trip i would go by train ruther then driving car. 15. Some students try to do moderate amounts of homework on a daily basis. Others prefer to get their homework done in one go over 1-2 days.

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Skill and Train Essay
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Which do you prefer? Homework on a daily basis * can concentrate more on studies and easy to understand the lectures * less burden 33. Some people want to have specific instructions or directions when they try something new. Other people like to experiment and work things out for themselves. Which do you prefer? Experiment and work things out * easy to remember and long lasting * more satisfying and rewarding Hope this helps!! I think the person I’d most like to travel overseas with would have to be my wife. (Uh) my wife and I have been married for about 6 years, and we have (uh) a family, with two young children.

And (uh) the main – probably the first main reason I would choose her is, I think she’d really appreciate the chance to travel overseas; (uh) she’s had limited travel experience, (uh) for example, she’s only been really to Australia and Thailand, outside her home country of Korea – so, I think she’d really appreciate the wider experience. (Um) and the second reason is I think it’d be great for our relationship. (Um) we’ve been so weighed down with so many responsibilities, and (uh) I think it’d be a chance to get some great new memories and experiences together.


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