Slavery Speech Sample Essay

Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to donate to my charity, Love146. Central Idea: Love146 is the most deserving charity because of the work they are doing around the world to stop child sex slavery. Give Love146 Introduction: I. (Attention-getting device): She was only a number in a room of girls, but her eyes stared through the two-way glass and into the rescuer’s soul. When they returned to raid the place, 146 had already been sold, or killed, but she’s what they’re fighting to save. II. (Central Idea): Love146 is the most deserving charity because of the work they are doing around the world to stop child sex slavery.

III. You may not like that you had to clean your room, or move to another town or state growing up, but what if you’d been forced to give up your childhood to serve someone else’s perverted desires? What if you’d been beaten or drugged or raped? IV. Today, I’m going to tell you why Love146 exists, why you should donate to this charity and what they can do with the money you send. Body: I. (Need) Around the world, tens of thousands of children are sold into slavery every year, by their parents, middlemen and kidnappers and Love146 tries to turn that tide.

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Slavery Speech Sample Essay
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A) According to the International Labor Organization, over 1 million children are currently acting as prostitutes all over the globe. i. In a Time article, Alex Perry said that some cities and towns in S. E. Asia are so poor, that the entire population of adults is complicit in the slave trade, selling their own children in order to survive, the truckload of girls sold to a slave trader and driven to their first selling point in a truck, often driven by police. ii. Perry discovered that in Bangkok, a girl’s virginity can go for as little as $3500.

B) The conditions the slaves undergo is nothing short of shocking. i. BBCnews. com interviewed Dalyn, who had been sold into slavery at the age of 12 in Cambodia. She had spent months locked in a cage under a brothel, starved, beaten and threatened with a gun until she agreed to service clients. ii. American University said that child slave trade is a $7 billion dollar a year industry, made mostly from deplorable living conditions under which they keep the children, more money going to make-up, condoms and clothing than to keep children healthy and alive.

Transition: Now that we have discussed the need for help, let me tell you what you can do. II. (Satisfaction): Donate to causes that are freeing children from slavery and helping them readjust and rehabilitate to an otherwise happy existence, like Love146. A) Love146 has a three-fold process for dealing with children sold into slavery. i. First, according to their website, they rehabilitate these girls and boys who worked as slaves, most often as prostitutes.

They build safe homes for the children in which they can perform aftercare, making them feel safe and secure as they fight some of the lingering effects of their enslavement. ii Secondly, they work to prevent children from being sold into slavery. They try to alleviate the economic factors that tend to make times so desperate for parents that they sell their children in order to feed themselves. iii. Thirdly, they focus on research. That research helps them stay on top of trends that lead to slavery in order to aid in prevention.

They look at economic reasons, natural disasters and worldwide hunger trends and take those into account. B) The children that Love146 have helped drive them, and the children they were unable to help underscore how important their mission is. i. It was the girl the founders saw in through the glass, the one with the number 146 that had fight in her eyes that haunt them. They couldn’t get the little girl out of their minds – she might have been 9 years old. She was gone when they went back to raid the place.

That’s how quickly things change in this industry – every minute, 2 children are sold into slavery, their website states. Every 60 seconds. ii. Amanda, one of the girls rescued in the Philippines has, since coming to the safe home, completed her basic school studies and will start nursing school – she lived in slavery for far too long, but thanks to Love146, she’ll have life after slavery. Transition: So, you know what the problem is, and an organization intent on solving the problem, let me tell you how you can help. III. Visualization): If you donate to Love146, you can help ease a world of suffering for the individuals they save and make this a better place for all of us. A) You can make a difference with your donation. i. Love146 makes donation easy on a one-time or monthly basis. I donated the money I saved around Christmas, and got email updates on how the money was used to help save children around the world. ii. The proceeds go to their three-step plan for ending sex slavery around the world. I want to fund their research, prevention and aftercare.

B) When the reasons for slavery have ended, we, as a nation, as a world, will be free. i. These parents sold their children, or were tricked into sending their children to slavery because of their economic hardship. In preventing that through infusing these areas with basic necessities, we raise the standard of living, not just for the kids, but for the planet. ii. I don’t want my children to grow up in a world where other children are abused, where they go hungry or have to sell themselves to have worth. Conclusion: (Action) I. Restate Central Idea): Donate to Love 146 today – and help end the nightmare these children live in everyday. II. (Call to Action): You can do that directly with the website that I’ve posted, and, you can vote for this speech, so that the class funds will go to Love146. III. (Review main points): Today I’ve told you about child slavery around the world, how you can help and what your money can do. IV. Please join me in saying that enough is enough and even one child sold into slavery is one child too many. It’s too late for the #146, but it’s not too late for the 1. 2 million others living in slavery worldwide.


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