Sleep Deprivation Essay

Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs Describe a situation in which you did not get enough sleep There have been many of situations that have probably caused me to lose sleep; but the one that stands out the most; as far as describing a situation in which I did not get enough sleep; The situation that I am going to discuss is when my father had been diagnosed with cancer; this was a very trying time for my-self not to mention for the rest of my family as well.

I can remember when I first found out I cried for days, I couldn’t sleep for worrying and the fact that the doctors had already told us that there was a slim chance that he would not survive for another six months. I would go to bed at night and just lay awake for hours and finally I would go to sleep, but when the sun would creep up in the morning I was already awake. I would have to say that I was getting about 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. How did it effect your mood, behavior, and cognitive and motor skills?

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Sleep Deprivation Essay
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This affected me in so many ways such as my mood; it seemed as though I was very somber to the point where it soon became depression. During this time sleep was the farthest thing from my mind. I would be easily agitated, along with getting irritated over the littlest things. At this point I realized not only was I becoming more depressed but I would get angry easier and lash out for no apparent reason. Soon my cognitive and motor skills were suffering as well; by this I mean that I would forget things and my attention span was focused on my family so then this affected my performance at work also.

I also became fatigued and I might add that I was not very alert. I started wondering that maybe this had cause a sleep disorder or some sort of other medical condition , as well as lifestyle I seemed to had lost my creativity and created a mental block; driving a car seemed to be difficult because of how my reflexes were slowing down because of lack of sleep. The hours that were spent not getting enough sleep kept escalating to the point where I probably was getting one or two hours of sleep a day.

Now my sleep patterns had changed so everything else that I was doing seemed to be changing too. Does your experience coincide with the effects of sleep deprivation described in the text? I believe that my experience coincides some what with the effects of sleep deprivation that is described in the text such as: sleep-deprived I would become disturbed, angry, agitated, moody, and yes even crabby at times and I would have to say this was becoming more frequent because of the circumstances that surrounded the reason I started losing sleep in the first place.

At first I never though twice about losing sleep because of what was going on, and my husband at the time kept noticing changes in me that I really couldn’t see; until he pointed them out. I then started noticing that something was very wrong. What are the effects of long-term sleep reduction? There are two kinds of long-term sleep-reduction studies: first is Long-Term Reduction of Nightly Sleep and Long-Term Reduction of Napping Sleep; long term reduction experience daytime sleepiness, decrease in the number of nighttime awakenings, disturbs mood, and reduces vigilance.

Now as far as Napping Sleep can help one to become alert, reduce stress and improve cognitive functioning, more patience, and also can help one be less stressed. Briefly describe common sleeping disorders and possible drug remedies “Insomnia includes all disorders of initiating and maintaining sleep”, hypersomnia- Narcolepsy includes disorders of excessive sleep or sleepiness. A third major class of sleep disorders includes all those disorders that are specifically related to REM-sleep dysfunction” “Modafinil is well tolerated, effective, and extensively studied in narcolepsy.

It is often the first-line treatment for narcolepsy“. Reference: Retrieved on 3/3/10 from Pinel, J. P. J. (2007). Basics of biopsychology. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. Paradoxically, sleeping pills (e. g. , benzodiazepines) Reference Pinel, J. P. J. (2007). Basics of biopsychology. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. http://www. holisticonline. com/Remedies/Sleep/sleep_narc_medications. htm


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