Small College or University Essay

Like everyone knows , choosing a school means that choosing a future. I went to a small high school and received education from a university that has a great and significant history. So I had two different experiences about learning. In my opinion, small colleges don’t give students a better education than large universities do. Because containing a limited potential and connections and not having good teachers are the most important problems for these small colleges.

The first things to mind are quality of teaching, a lot of opportunities which are submitted to you make universities better. In my country, we don’t have college system, small campus is like it. I know from my friends, getting a high-quality learning is not possible with it. If you want to be a physicist or chemist , you will need a laboratory which is full of scientific stuffs. My friend who took told me that he couldn’t do any researching and find any book for it in the school’s library.

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Small College or University Essay
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This is a big unluckiness for a student. Because to experiment makes understanding easier and visualizes It. Today internet became a resource of knowledge but I think we shouldn’t forget the importance of books. Social clubs, sport clubs, theater clubs, activity clubs or student council make learners together. Another disadvantage of small colleges is that there is not enough options as activity. While I was student in my university, I joined a club which organizes spring festival of faculty. It was a very good experience for me.

I improved my communication and management skills while I was arranging the meetings . Needless to say that I made a lot of friends there. Thousands of new students come universities which have a lot of opportunities to start to new life. At the beginning everyone who graduated from high -school faces some problems. One of them is different teaching style that professors and their assistants which works in a large university has. But in time learners can figure out that this is preparing them to working circumstances.

Also people get schooling can unite researching projects that help to develop themselves. Large libraries and countless books are at the their disposal. While you study , If we look the other fact about career, being in a large school gives you a chance to work in big companies. In conclusion, before make a choice between small college and large universities you should think very carefully. I suggest you to have an education in university. In future you will see the result of choosing.


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