Smart And Intelligent Opportunity Obsession Commerce Essay

An enterpriser is a individual who searches for chance for alteration and respond to it with the purpose of doing net incomes and increasing the border, deriving competitory advantage, stay and advancement in concern by being advanced. Entrepreneurs can be grouped into different categories as follows ; advanced enterpriser, imitative or adoptive enterpriser, Fabian enterpriser and drone enterpriser. In most instances the enterpriser starts with little concerns which are normally made up of few members say one to hundred in the instance of Ghana, one to fifty in the instance of Britain and one to five hundred in the instance of American. The members or director determines how the concern is run. They bear the hazard and benefits of the concern. KMobility was a little concern because it had merely 12 employees and was run by the troughs who bear hazards and benefits of the concern. KMobility was an advanced enterpriser this is because they discovered new chance, alter it to a new merchandise or new ways of merchandise and ascertained markets or new markets for the merchandise.

John and Jane were successful in their operations as a consequence of the undermentioned entrepreneurial features and properties:

Willing to take hazards

Successful enterprisers take hazards in any concern they want to venture in which is a win lose state of affairs that is they are non even certain about the venture they are traveling in for but digest it. There are three things which may go on. You either lose, breakeven or derive. Therefore in any concern brush a batch of such obstructions and challenges will come up which one must be cognizant of as portion of his larning procedure to be considered. In most instances the hazard is geared towards long term additions. In the instance of John and Jane they were prepared to take deliberate hazard though they do non cognize much about the market state of affairs of the demand for the daze absorbing crutches for the unreal legs they asked the technology pupils of university of scientific discipline and engineering to fabricate for them and whether it was possible to fabricate the points, they still went in front asked them to come out with the engineering and electioneering for fiscal supports and expertness ‘s in that country without making a market study. Initially, John and Jane did non even know the construct good work until the paradigm was made by the pupils and they asked what next an indicant that they do non even know the following line of action to take. Still so they merely realized their construct could wing and went in front to put off to get down the company. As at this clip they had zero thought how to lunch accompany.

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Smart And Intelligent Opportunity Obsession Commerce Essay
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Smart and intelligent/Opportunity compulsion

Entrepreneurs must be smart to research avenues for investing ; they should be intelligent and knowing and go on larning new accomplishments and taking advantage of the new and better enterpriser environment. With advanced engineering, you can specify your community among enterprisers who have more experiences, accomplishments and portion similar involvement that will heighten your entrepreneurial accomplishments to pull off your products/services and clients more efficaciously. You must beA ableA to place demands and jobs ofA your clients in order to alter their state of affairs and give them the right solution. This will assist you derive regard and trust from your clients and clients. You will immediately gain their attending andA their firm devotedness. They will purchase whatever you are offering at any cost. In the instance of KMobility John and Jane were intelligent plenty to cognize that, in the “ places ” of John were several others who face the jobs of crutches destructing their shoulders, their inability to walk directly and the demand to better upon the unreal legs and crutches to enable them walk directly and hold some comfort in their shoulders. They besides discovered that such merchandises were non in the market so they decided to research such avenues that made KMobility a successful one.

Must be a leader

Leadership is an property that is difficult to happen among persons. Not many persons have the nervus to take the lead in an organisation.

The most powerful properties of a leader include:

A individual who does non compromise on affairs of rule and criterions

Person who has a vision for the hereafter and communicates this vision in a simple manner for others to understand

Person who does non give up and leads by illustration

Person who can put high criterions and non afraid to face even tremendous job despite the hazards involved

Person who accepts incrimination for any failure, alternatively gives creditA of success to followings

Person who has unity and bravery.

Person who is a self starting motor and squad builder

Person who is honest in his concern relationships.

Bing honestA with your ego is the hardest thing in life, but this isA vital to the success to 1s concern. No 1 will wish to cover with dishonorable people and any misgiving will make a bad repute and that will take to the down autumn of 1s company. As a leader, you should be able to steer, influence, and direct people. This manner, you can manage all your concern activities with easiness and fewer concerns.

In the instance of KMobility, John and Jane who are the leaders of Kmobility wanted a better manner to maintain John and other people like him walking. This, John truly went in hunt of ways to carry through the mission and made their vision clear to the squads they though affair to do it world. They ne’er gave up even when they had zero thought on how to lunch a company and needful expertness and support. They were self starting motors who were truly determined and concentrate on the edifice of their company by reaching the right cerebral mantle to help do their dream a world.


Have an interior passion for business/Determination and dedication

Another importantA property that many enterprisers lack is holding the right passion for concern. Without passion, dedication and doggedness of intent, you will ne’er carry through your desires. Passion is the fuel that drives you to acquire what you want to accomplish. It is indispensable for an enterpriser to show will power, undismayed dedication and unbeatable finding. An enterpriser should hold the doggedness and dedication to confront any drastic alterations in the concern scenario. Any concern is likely to meet countless ups and downs. An enterpriser should hold strength of character to defy such challenges with a positive frame of head. There is bound to be a batch of resistance but he should disregard them and take note merely of constructive unfavorable judgment Passion leads to productiveness that is taking action to bring forth consequences for your concern. Passion does non entertain indolence. You have to keep your enthusiasm and involvement in the concern. You must set all your psyche into it ; hold a steadfast belief in what you do. The truth of the affair isA that theA more passion you put into your effortsA every twenty-four hours, the more you will accomplish your dreams in existent life. This will give you driveA to run the businessA despiteA the ups and downs. In the instance of KMobility, John and Jane were really much determined, dedicated or retentive, relentless in accomplishing their vision upon the many obstructions they faced in the signifier of support, expertness and the troubles in converting stakeholders to purchase into their mission and vision still they were full of enthusiasm after recognizing their construct could wing.

Be ready to accommodate new skills/creative and autonomy

To remain at the top of other rivals, you must hold the ability to accommodate to new accomplishments or engineering. In other words, you must possess the ability to larn new things every day- which is the most of import accomplishment for an enterpriser in thisA altering economic system. The enterpriser should be unfastened minded dynamic and easy alteration to run into state of affairss. John upon utilizing crutches and unreal legs he realized they were destructing his shoulders and he rapidly thought of a manner of contriving those of daze absorbers which will work out the jobs of destructing his shoulders and do him walk heterosexual this is an indicant that they are non get downing the concern on an urge without thought of the effects. It was good thought of and deliberated hence they have a definite program of action. Because of this, the company believed in uninterrupted betterment of their merchandise and services and hence placed accent on the demand for research into assorted merchandise lines. They besides improved the flooring absorbing crutches to Tru-Relief froth and superb froth that could besides alleviate force per unit area points.

Focused and Meticulous Planning

An enterpriser should non get down a concern on an urge without thought of the effects. Get downing a concern should be good thought out and a deliberated procedure. One should hold a definite program of action if he wishes to successfully launch and thenceforth set up a new merchandise, service or an endeavor. His focal point should be on the concern ends that are to be achieved, clients who are to be pleased and even employees who are to be inspired and motivated. An enterpriser should be after meticulously and be able to make a batch of informations analysis and research. He should besides be able to take deliberate hazards. John and Jane mission was to maintain John and others vertically nomadic and focused on safety, mobility, and comfort for the handicapped, aged and injured.


Obtaining Financing

Obtaining funding for a concern can be highly hard, particularly when first get downing out. Banks are loath to impart money to new concerns, and possible investors may maneuver clear of budding enterprisers with small or no anterior concern experience. A well-crafted written concern program is indispensable when trying to convert loaners and investors that you know what you ‘are making and have thought through your thought carefully. Other possible funding beginnings can include loans or grants from the Small Business Administration or even borrowing from friends and household members. John and Jane were pupils of University of Science and Technology ( UST ) and had no money to fund the KMobility. Though they talked less on funding it was a job to the company. Support was tough, even at the best clip for such new venture because of this Jane had to concentrate on fund-raising attempts besides they wrote proposals to university of Science and Technology to fund their trade show booth and travel costs.

Lack of accomplishments or expertness

Majority of enterprisers lack the expertness and require accomplishments to recognize their mission and vision. In most instances the value of a company is base on its rational belongings. Besides the best use of the organisational resources depends on the accomplishments and experience of its employees. KMobility faced the job of acquiring expertness in the constitution and running of the company, as a consequence they approached people for mentorship and were besides encouraged by UST Centre for Entrepreneurship the to come in into enterprisers challenges and other concern competitions to allow them larn and be advanced.

Lack of big market

A market is an environment that allows purchasers and Sellerss to merchandise or interchange goods and services. This therefore brings about the definition of demand and supply. Any market hence depends on purchasers and Sellerss for its endurance. If there are no people to purchase what one is selling or the people are non interested in what one is selling so there will be no market. KMobility realized the daze absorbing crutches they intended fabricating represent merely a little market therefore the demand to broaden the range of their merchandises to cover safety, mobility, comfort for the handicapped, aged and the injured.


In state of affairss where companies get the chance to showcase their concern thoughts and receive valuable feedback from the Judgess that they can utilize to better and develop their venture and at the same clip, the judgment panel of local concern leaders sees the endowments of the companies is non an easy undertaking particularly for starting motors like KMobility. This company was encouraged by the UST Centre for Entrepreneurship to come in into challenge and other concern competition. Bing into competition requires difficult work, dedication, accomplishments, experience and financess.



In a type of leading manner where subsidiaries have a great trade of liberty and authorization to take determination on their ain in line with clear laid down mission and vision of the company is termed as laissez faire leading manner. The Individualistic manner of leading can take to organisational ineffectualness if there is, in add-on, no control over procedures or weak or absent organisation. Desired results may non be achieved if there is no systematic attack to job resolution. Individual ‘s ends and dockets can come to replace those of the organisation or workgroup. However, under the right fortunes, such as when a work force is extremely educated, skilled, and experienced, and when the ends of the organisation are clear to everyone, or when outside advisers are frequently used, the attack can further creativeness, independent thought, and personal duty. Laissez-Faire may be the manner of pick when the work force is well more technically knowing than the leader. This leading manner can be effectual if the leader proctors public presentation and gives feedback to team members on a regular basis. It is most likely to be effectual when single squad members are experient, skilled, self-starters. The chief benefit of individualistic leading is that, giving squad members so much liberty can take to high occupation satisfaction, increased productiveness and invention. The downside is that it can be damaging if squad members do n’t pull off their clip good or if they do n’t hold the cognition, accomplishments, or motive to make their work efficaciously. In the instance of KMobility, John and Jane have a clear apprehension of their mission and vision and communicated efficaciously among members. This gives them the necessary feedback to take the necessary action required. They besides provided employees with uninterrupted preparation and development doing them adept to execute their required undertaking with easiness. They besides gave members autonomy to believe in line with the company ‘s vision taking to invention.


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