Smart Reader Kids Essay

Smart Reader Kids Competitive Environment Smart Reader Kids is an pre-school institutions,so it faced with competition with several other firms who have been doing the almost same business activity such as Kumon and Abadi Tuition Centre. But since Smart Reader has been awarded with close to 50 adwards both national and International Levels, its should not been a major problem. (http://soba. com. my/company_smartreader. asp).

It is because the parents would choose a more accomplished institutions to fall back on it. This firms faced a competition in term of services. Since the parents will only choose one institutions to send their children to tuition, so they will make a careful research first to ensure the firm could provide a lot of benefits and facilities to their children. Hence, they will send their children to the institutions that they prefer after considering how much they are wiling to pay for the fees.

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Smart Reader Kids Essay
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In addition, demographic also plays an important aspects in their competitive environment since where they set their centre will also determine how many clients they will acquire. The competition is a threat for the company because of limited customers. Nowadays, only a few parents would sent their children to tuition at an early age, and the abudance of this centre only makes this matter worse. Economic Environment Since nowadays the economic is not too good, so the parents will do a careful research before sending their child to the pre-schools institutions.

So, if the price they set is too high, sure the parents will send their children to the cheaper institutions. Social Environment Its not too common nowadays to send their children to pre-school institutions, so they had to choose the most suitable institutions. Technological Environment Whichever firm that provide the best technical support and also worth the fees, definitely will won the people’s hearts. (please edit,cause I did not edit yet)


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