Smartphones as a Multi- and Intermodal Mobility Platform Essay

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universit?¤t Hannover Institut for Wirtschaftsinformatik Prof. Dr. Michael H. Breitner Adviser: M. Sc. , B. Sc. , Kim L. K?¶hler Written Assignment (Global Information Management and Information Systems) (B. SC. ) Smartphones as a Multi- and Intermodal Mobility Platform Submitted by: Table of contents List of abbreviations List of tables and illustrations 1 Abstract 2 Introduction 2. 1 Background Information, Definitions and Relevance Over the past decade, our life is moderately dependent on the use of mobile phones.

In addition, smartphones have made their entry into the business market, including mobility-oriented enterprises, therefore, a new competitive era in the technology field. Smartphones have officially introduced even before the first announcements of some of the latest smartphone digital brands, e. g. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc. The predecessor, of all these smartphone devices we own nowadays, referred back to 1994 by BellSound & IBM under the name Simon Personal Communicatorl .

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Smartphones as a Multi- and Intermodal Mobility Platform Essay
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Smartphones are distinguished with common cellphones by their capability of unique functionalities and advanced application programming interfaces (APIs) for functioning third party applications, rather than firmware platforms, such as Java ME various Smartphone Platforms, e. g. iOS, Android etc. the ability of downloading and installing assorted applications for their smartphone users. This innovating technology had a significant impact in mobility enterprises.

Since every day, people re in constant movement and according to a recent research conducted by Ipsos OTX and MediaCT 1. 08 billion are users of a smartphone3, thus, mobility enterprises face a new technological challenge, by creating and maintaining functional and exceptional interface applications. As smartphone users are daily increasing, the demand for functional applications is a key role for a succeeding mobility enterprise. ———-(Connection with Multi and Intermodal definitions)—- 2. 1 Thesis statement, Writer’s Purpose and Outline of Structure


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