smoking among university female student Essay

smoking among female university students is a trend nowadays. In 5 paragraph essay state opinion about this issue. Provide a suitable title for this. Smoking Trend Among Female University Student Why do female university students smoke? Based on statistics, out of 28 millions of of people in Malaysia 15% of female students tends to smoke nowadays. Cigarettes are made up of tobacco and other chemical substance. Female university students smoke because influence by friends, influence by environment and curiosity. Firstly, female niversity students smoke because they have been influenced by their friends.

Friends are the closest persons that can influence our attitude. For example most of the female students live together with their friends in university and they spend most of their time with their friends. The probability they will smoke is high if their friend also smoke. The people among us can affect our behaviour. Next, female university students smoke because they have been influenced by the environment. Smoking among the student is a trend nowadays. Every day we can see people smoke everywhere. The media also shows the advertisement about cigarette.

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smoking among university female student Essay
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So the students will attract to try it. The students should endure with the environment and media should stop their advertisement about cigarette and start a campaign of how to reduce smoking among people. Besides that, female university students smoke because of the curiosity. Eighty percents among the teenager who want to try something new will lead into smoking as it is the basics one. Smoking can give them some feeling and also can make clam. The government should take a step forward to abused cigarretes among students .


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