Snow Day Essay

My favorite kind of school day is one where you don’t have to go to school, a snow day! Waking up, I slowly rubbed my sleepy, crusted eyes from the long nights sleep and opened the curtains to see the glory of outside. All I could see was the pure crystal white snow covering everything in sight. I saw the streets which looked as if someone had come overnight and poured milk on them; it had been snowing all night. The snow had brought some light to my day. It was a perfectly placed sheet of snow making it a winter wonderland.

You cannot even imagine the excitement that brought to me; you could see it in my blushed face. I burst out in a shout, “NO SCHOOL! ” My warm breath fogged the window telling me it was like the North Pole outside. All the commotion of me realizing there was no school surely was enough to wake the boring old neighbors. After seeing what awaited me outside, without any thought, I immediately began to get dressed into my snow apparel. I slid on my long cotton tube socks, followed by another pair to ensure the blistering snow would not freeze my feet.

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Snow Day Essay
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Then came the comfy part of it all, the warm and cozy sweat pants. They are my favorite thing to wear when staying warm; especially knowing I am going to be out in blistering cold weather. Next I put on my slick jogging pants, to keep all the melting snow from soaking through my pants. Next came the extra thick sweat shirt along with my heavy winter jacket. Then I laced up my big black, leather, waterproof boots, this was the most important asset of them all, dry feet.

Last but not least, I quickly slapped on my toboggan and tightly squeezed my hands into the slightly small, fleece lined winter gloves that I had gotten the year before and obviously grown too big for. Once I was suited up, it was time to enter the ice land. My first step outside was the best, my boot sunk down into the fluff and made the most delightful crunch, followed by many more as I rushed through the yard with excitement. Cold, white snow gently fell through the sharp, cold, but breezy air.

The fluffy flakes grasped onto the branches of the bare trees, giving them back their beauty. The surrounding snow brought silence, enchantment and wonder with it. I stood outside in awe, head lifted to the sky and arms out trying to catch a simple, but unique in its own way, snow flake. After standing there for a few moments, admiring all the peacefulness surrounding me, I fell flat on my back with both arms and legs spread wide. Once I had sunk into the arctic cold now, slightly melting it from my body heat, I egan to make a snow angel. Spreading the snow around with my limbs and just smiling from the enjoyment of it all. After a few hours of being a complete child, and possibly making a complete fool of myself to whomever may have went by and saw my out playing in the snow by my lonesome, I figured it was about time to head in. Even though I was clothed heavily like an eskimo, the ice like temperature was getting to me. So I trotted on inside, stopping at the door to turn around and once again admire the pure beauty of a snow day well spent.


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