Social Behavior Case Study Essay

Behavior patterns among siblings can vary greatly. One can lead by example or be completely opposite. There is no rhyme or reason as to how siblings affect each other, but there are possibilities that one’s actions could directly affect another’s behavior. Siblings also can have completely distinct behaviors that do not mimic another or affect another. In reading the case study on the Perez family, it is my opinions that some of Rosalina’s behaviors are affecting Anna.

It states that Rosalina and Anna were close at one time and now Rosalina has let peer groups take the place that Anna use to have in Rosalina’s life. I believe that Rosalina’s actions are part of why Anna is reacting like she is. Being withdrawn and basically depressed. She is reflecting on the memories she had in the past with her sister and now that her sister is getting older and developing more independence that bond is breaking.

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Social Behavior Case Study Essay
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Rosalina is just beginning adolescence at the age of 13 and just moving into the age of self discovery and establishing who she is to herself. Anna is struggling with the independence and her changing body and shutting down feeling as though there is no where to turn now that her sister has her own friends. It appears that Anna is suffering from depression possibly from hormone changes. She also show clear lack of independence and desires to be alone. Her desire to be alone can be due to the issues of her changing body and mind.

Apparently she is struggling with puberty and adolescent. Lupe the oldest of the girls appears to have a clear direction and know where she wants to take her life. In reading the case I believe that Rosalina will follow her sister’s path to a point. Rosalina right now is defying her parents and lacking on her responsibilities due to her newly found independence. It sounds as though that Lupe and Rosalina have very similar personalities. Siblings do reflect on each other and they do effect each others emotional and social growing.

Sisters for the most part are each other’s best friends, but there does come a point in time where they break separately for independence. The Perez family is no exception. The only difference is that right now Anna is struggling with issues and shuts down instead of reaching out for help. Anna struggles with growing up and hopefully eventually she will get past her hormonal changes and social issues and grow to be and example for her younger siblings just as Lupe is for them.


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