Social Issues of E-Commerce Essay

Social Issues of E-Commerce

Presents, the cyberspace has created a new map called e-commerce. E-commerce is normally known as electronic commercialism and now already go a practical chief street of the universe. It is basically cover all the activities on cyberspace and bring on the client to buy the merchandise over the cyberspace. Therefore, it is another manner to running their ain concern over the cyberspace and it used to selling and purchasing the merchandise over the cyberspace with other concern adult male and client on other province. E-commerce is a good manner to make their concern because it can enlarge their concern to whole universe so that they can make their concern bigger and makes more money in future. Besides that, it besides can allow more people know more about their merchandise by seeing the image of merchandise that they upload and the inside informations of the merchandise that they list out on cyberspace. Other than selling and purchasing merchandise over the cyberspace on e-commerce, it besides have another map on e-commerce called supply concatenation direction, electronic informations interchange ( EDI ) , electronic financess transfer, inventory direction, on-line dealing processing, and informations aggregation systems to do it more easy for concern adult male for selling their merchandise.

I choose this topic to discourse their issues because e-commerce is the most popular on the cyberspace and it has been become a practical chief street of the universe. Besides that, it besides has many issues for us to discourse so I decide to take this topic to discourse. First, I will discourse the issues for e-commerce is security & A ; privateness. It is the most of import issues for e-commerce because without security & A ; privateness, the client will frighten acquire cheated by the marketer. For illustration, the client will frighten the marketer merchandises whether is good or bad because they merely saw the image of the merchandise over the cyberspace so the client do n’t cognize whether the merchandise are good or bad so they scared the marketer will post up a bad thing to sell at cyberspace. Another illustration is scared after the client reassign the money to the marketer so they wo n’t direct the merchandise to the client. Other than this 2 illustration, there still have another illustration is the client do n’t cognize the existent monetary value at selling and the marketer merely merely put up the monetary value and did non follow the selling monetary value to derive their net income more than market monetary value such as dual or three-base hit from the market monetary value. These 3 illustrations will be the impacts of society because if the marketer fraud the purchaser so the society will go lower criterion. Furthermore, the impacts of IT industry is the purchaser will non see the web-sites once more to buy their merchandises so that it will impact IT section said that e-commerce is non good in usage on cyberspace to make concern because the purchaser acquire darnel by the marketer and they wo n’t online to buy the merchandises once more and they would instead purchase the merchandises on selling by happening the merchandises themselves.

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Social Issues of E-Commerce Essay
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Besides that, there still have other issues of e-commerce. The 2nd issues that I will discourse are transporting issues. Transporting issues means that when the purchaser buys a merchandise from the marketer and the marketer is from other province so they should utilize transporting to direct the merchandises to the purchaser so that it can get to the topographic point of purchaser stay. In transportation, there need to hold a good information direction means that the marketer demand to pull off the informations firmly such as references of purchaser, names of purchaser, recognition card information of the purchaser, and contact information of the purchaser. They need to hold a good direction on this because if the marketer ne’er manage the information of the purchaser firmly and merely merely compose it down merely so when they need to direct the merchandises to purchaser after confirm all the dealing so merely experience that some information already lost due to the paper that list out the purchaser inside informations ca n’t happen it out so it will go a transportation issues because without the information of the purchaser so they can non direct the merchandise to the purchaser so when the purchaser did non have any merchandises that they promise before with the day of the month that the merchandise will get to the purchaser so the purchaser will experience that they get cheat by the marketer. It ‘s really of import because if the purchaser feels they get cheat by marketer so they wo n’t travel to that websites once more to buy the merchandises. Besides that, for transporting fee, it is calculate with the weight of the merchandises so after cipher the monetary value out for transporting fee so it still necessitate to add up the cost of the merchandises so it will go a really high cost for the merchandises compare with selling monetary value so it will be extremely if want to buy the merchandise over the cyberspace and the marketer are non remain in your state. These issues will impact the society become low criterion if the purchaser fell they get cheat by the marketer and the purchaser will believe that largely of the marketer that stay at that state besides same with him/her so their state will go low criterion. Besides that, these issues besides will impact IT industry because the purchaser will fell that although utilizing cyberspace to buy a merchandise is more easy but need to pay dual or three-base hit of the selling monetary value and they will they better buy themselves and non buy though the cyberspace so that it can salvage more money comparison with purchase online so the purchaser will non utilize the cyberspace once more to buy merchandise so IT will go less people used for purchase merchandises.

Other than 2 issues above, there still have another issues called complexness of procedure. It means when the purchaser want to buy that such merchandises so they need to follow their measure to buy a merchandises from them such every bit registry as a member of that web site, make full up the understanding signifier, key in all your personal inside informations, key in your recognition card figure and so forth. There have many measure to follow if privation to buy a merchandises over the cyberspace. Although many measure to make before buy the merchandises is for the best security & A ; privateness but the purchaser will experience that the procedure of purchasing the merchandises over the cyberspace are complexness comparison with purchase a merchandises outdoors. These issues besides will be the same impacts to society and IT industry such as the society will go low criterion and can non come on to go better, and IT industry besides will go non many people to utilize IT to buy the merchandises over the cyberspace.

Decision, after we discuss these all the issues for e-commerce, we already know that what is the impact of that all issues to society and IT industry so we need to larn from the issues so that we can do it better and better the efficiency for e-commerce. First, we need to increase the security & A ; privateness such as build up a good feeling for your web site which is do non fraud people and so away so that the purchaser can swear your web site when they want to buy merchandises. When the purchaser swear your web site so our society will go more high criterion because nowadays they are utilizing ecommerce to purchase merchandises. Second, we need to diminish to transporting issue such as have a good information direction so that the information wo n’t acquire lost. Furthermore, we besides need to happen out the economical ways to guarantee that your merchandises will get to the purchaser with the clip that you promise earlier and the shipment fee will non be extremely so that the purchaser will ever maintain purchase merchandises over the cyberspace. When the purchaser feel that shipment fee and merchandise fee is a good cost and non be extremely so the purchaser will maintain buy the merchandises from your web site so it can better our society and besides IT industry. Last, we need to cut down the measure before purchase merchandises such as we merely inquire the purchaser to make full up his/her inside informations that can reach his/her so uses electronic mail to verify once more their inside informations and so merely direct out the merchandises to the purchaser so that the purchaser wo n’t experience the procedure of purchase a merchandise complexness and they besides will ever utilize cyberspace to buy the merchandise so our society can go high criterion and IT industry besides will hold a good feedback from user. After discuss how to cut down the issues of e-commerce, I believe that e-commerce will go more users friendly and will go a practical chief street of the universe so they can buy any merchandises that they need over the cyberspace.


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