Social Networking Sample Essay

The followers are sample statements to assist you develop your ain brief description of yourself for possible employers. The GBCC suggests that you create a short ( 10-second ) version for colloquial debuts. every bit good as a longer ( 1-minute ) version for usage in interviews. This worksheet is designed to assist you make the first bill of exchange of your placement statement. an indispensable personal selling tool.

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Social Networking Sample Essay
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You are: A professional with a finance background. transitioning to a fiscal systems MIS place Your audience is: an IT concern development recruiter with Seagate Based on my experience as a concern systems director at ExxonMobil. I am interested in concern development at Seagate. I began my calling in corporate finance and successfully transferred my strong analytical accomplishments to the fiscal systems confer withing sphere. My focal point has been in taking cross-functional multi-million dollar undertakings and using engineering to work out strategic concern jobs.

You are: A professional with an advertisement background. seeking a place in trade name direction Your audience is: A Kraft selling director you have phoned With five years’ experience in history direction at Campbell Mithun. one of the largest regional ad bureaus in the US. I am interested in a calling in trade name direction. I have a background in consumer life style market research. placement. and consumer merchandise launches. including the successful debut of Purina Lite Paw Prints to the Canis familiaris nutrient market. I am presently president of the Carlson Marketing Network and I am concentrating my surveies in strategic direction and selling.

You are: An comptroller traveling into finance
Your audience is: A recruiter from Medtronic
I am a finance professional with three old ages of experience in a Big Five
public accounting house. where I specialized in the medical device and health care industries. I developed expertness in complex fiscal mold and working across functional countries to accomplish ends. I am presently an MBA pupil in finance focused on working as a fiscal analyst in the medical device industry.

You are: A military professional transitioning into concern in the private sector Your audience is: A recruiter from 3M
With a solid base of progressive experience in a big military organisation. I am interested in working as an operations analyst in a fabrication company that values strong analytical accomplishments and the ability to work both independently and as a cardinal member of a squad. As an MBA pupil I have had Six Sigma preparation and accents in operations and MIS. I am besides functioning as president of the Carlson School Operations Club.

You are: A corporate finance professional with an involvement in investing banking Your audience is: A corporate recruiter from Lehman I have more than 8 old ages of broad-based experience financing a broad assortment of organisations. My greatest strength is placing the strengths and failings of concern. and constructing the squad necessary to plan and present effectual solutions to run into that client’s fiscal demands. My experience at Citigroup gave me a existent appreciation of the ways in which fiscal establishments operate. and I know how to acquire things done. Nothing gives me more pleasance than doing profitable trades that benefit all the parties involved.

You are: A proficient applied scientist with five years’ international experience. transitioning to a supply concatenation direction place Your audience is: A networking contact who works in operations at Boeing I have four old ages experience as a gross revenues and undertaking applied scientist for General Electric’s turbine division. I was most late responsible for taking a cross-functional squad of fabrication. finance. systems. and admin representatives in the design of a Customer Relationship Management system. which is presently being implemented. Prior to that. I was the lead gross revenues engineer serving our largest client. which accounted for 15 % of our gross. My MBA accent is Strategic Management and my undergrad technology grade is from MIT. I’m looking for a place as an internal adviser specialising in concern transmutation and market development.

You are: An international pupil with a heavy academic background and two years’ work experience Your audience is: A fiscal services package house I have expertise in accounting and fiscal systems. I have been certified as a CPA in the US and have a Masterss degree in accounting and an undergraduate grade in finance. I am concentrating on MIS here at Carlson because I believe my accounting and finance background combined with our top-rated MIS plan enables me to be able to interact efficaciously with both finance and systems professionals. Besides. I worked at a section shop as its histories collectible decision maker. I am peculiarly interested in assisting corporate clients integrate package into their operations.

You are: An experient sales representative transitioning to e-business confer withing Your audience is: A contact at Epic Systems After graduating from University of Illinois in Economics. I worked for 3 old ages as a national history director for a consumer merchandises house. pull offing the relationship with Best Buy. one of our firm’s largest clients. The place required organizing the supply concatenation procedure. In one undertaking. I led the squad to cut down stock list by 10 % yearly while and increase the timely fabrication and bringing of our merchandises into shops. This multi-million dollar IT undertaking became a theoretical account for how to assist other clients cut down stock list costs and increase gross revenues.

I peculiarly enjoy understanding customers’ information demands and pass oning with proficient professionals to make solutions.

You are: A professional with an accounting grade working in the finance section of the major corporation ; you are questioning for a place within your corporation’s MBA fiscal analyst rotational plan Your audience is: A member of the company’s internal interviewing squad. which includes finance directors and managers In the three old ages that I have been with the company. I have developed my teamwork and leading accomplishments internally while finishing my MBA on a parttime footing. I demonstrated my analytical accomplishments and strategic thought with the new hourly paysheet theoretical account I implemented in my function as a planning analyst. I have besides led alteration and influenced the full Assets Protection organisation through pull offing the online Key Performance Measures undertaking. I am confident that I will go on to show these leading qualities as I tackle the following challenge in the analyst rotary motion plan.


You are: An HRIR pupil with one twelvemonth of work experience. seeking compensation work Your audience is: A recruiter from GE Based on my experiences as a human resources intern for 3M. I am interested in prosecuting a calling in compensation and public presentation direction in a diversified fabrication organisation. During my internship I contributed to a new occupation analysis and salary construction tool that is now used throughout North America. This undertaking allowed me to use my strong statistics accomplishments. and I enjoyed the challenge of working with a assortment of maps and occupation households. I am presently working on my Masters in HR and Industrial Relations at the Carlson School of Management.

You are: An HR professional interested in benefits work
Your audience is: A recruiter from General Mills
I am a human resources professional interested in prosecuting benefits work at General Mills. I have three old ages of experience at Norwest. where I specialized in disposal of long-run disablement and Family and Medical Leave Act ( FMLA ) policies. I am presently prosecuting my Masters in HR and Industrial Relations at the Carlson School of Management. in order to complement my past experience in HR. For the past twelvemonth I’ve served as Vice President of Iota Rho Chi. an organisation of HR/IR alumnus pupils.

You are: A professional in the travel industry seeking a staffing and developing place Your audience is: A recruiter from Target I am interested in working for Target as a staffing and preparation specializer. My background includes 8 old ages of experience in the travel industry. where I managed a client service squad and developed preparation plans for air hose employees. My strengths are in measuring countries of demand and guaranting appropriate on-going support to make full those demands. The retail industry is peculiarly appealing to me because well-trained and customer-focused employees are necessary for success. I decided to prosecute my Masters in HR and Industrial Relations at the Carlson School of Management because it is a top plan that balances real-world experience with a strong theoretical nucleus.

You are: An HRIR pupil interested in rotational plans
I am a pupil in the Human Resources and Industrial Relations Program at the Carlson School of Management. I am interested in companies with rotational plans. where I can larn and lend in a assortment of countries within human resources. My experience includes a strong background in client services and two internships in human resources with Fortune 500 companies. I have served as a leader in both alumnus and undergraduate plans. Presently I am the President of Iota Rho Chi. an organisation of HR/IR alumnus pupils.

You are: An HRIR pupil with an operations background transitioning to HR Renaissance man work I have four old ages of experience in client dealingss and I am presently prosecuting my Masterss in Human Resources and Industrial Relations at the Carlson School of Management. Recently I completed a human resources internship at Honeywell. where I developed a keeping and stock option tool for HR Renaissance mans to measure hazard. My undertaking culminated in the tool’s acceptance across the ACS division of Honeywell. I am interested in a generalist place within the operations map of a company. where I can utilize my strong informations analysis and client service accomplishments.


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