Social Problems Facing the Contemporary United States Essay

Homelessness is a societal job in the United States. Homelessness defined harmonizing to the National Health Care for The Homeless Council ( 2011 ) . “is a individual or single that lacks housing” . Homeless do non hold permeating occupants. They may populate on the streets. shelters. missions and under expressway flyovers. They besides occupy installations of abandoned edifices. vehicles. and campsites. They can be found kiping behind edifices. sitting against a edifice wall or excavation in a rubbish can for nutrient. Homeless people are human existences without shelter. They frequently fall victim to infections. frozenness. diseases. and assault. Homelessness does non hold biass ; it is an equal chance societal issue. It is seen in every major metropolis in the United States. This paper will depict the societal job of homelessness. analyse how it affects the United States and explicate one sociological theory to explicate a cause of homelessness. Homelessness in the United States is a big job. It is difficult to find how people in the US are stateless. but they have a profound economic consequence on society. There are few support services available for homeless. such as shelters. soup kitchens. which come in the signifier of taxpayers’ dollars.

Homeless do non hold autos or control over their day-to-day lives. They depend on the day-to-day swot of shelters. soup kitchens. and minimum occupations to run into their basic endurance demands and are socially abandoned. The homeless lack medical wellness insurance. Hospital exigency sections are used as a community resource for the homeless. regardless of their ability to pay. So the disbursal falls on the taxpayer. Surprisingly. about tierce of exigency room visits are by stateless people.

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Social Problems Facing the Contemporary United States Essay
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The demands of the homeless are huge. They typically have chronic medical conditions. multiple psychosocial hazard factors. like substance usage upsets and mental disease. Their societal support system is nonexistent. Most. exigency sections are non set up to run into the psychosocial demands of the homeless ( Additional Medical Concerns. 2015 ) . In add-on. homelessness can progress to other societal concerns like the illegal sex trade and offenses. With basically no place and no money to buy nutrient. homeless people resort to going cocottes or prosecuting in condemnable activities to acquire money for nutrient or shelters. Some homeless become mendicants. Food will normally be the greatest importance. Individual provinces are affected by the sum of stateless people they have.

Some provinces. like New Orleans. study decreased gross from tourers who do non desire to see. Most people consider topographic points with high homeless dirty and insecure. New Orleans. is one illustration of how homelessness gives the country a bad repute and consequences in reduced gross from tourers. Our authorities spends 1000000s of dollars on the homeless. The active aid the authorities provides is seen with rental aid. nutrient casts. and public assistance. This support although positive still affects the taxpayers. On the negative side. many homeless are picked up for lounging. kiping in autos and imploring ensuing in 1000000s of dollars spent on jurisprudence enforcement like prisons and gaols. There are many sociological theories that relate to homelessness. One theory is conflict theory. Since its beginning. the struggle theory has been used to specify certain groups including the homeless population across the United States.

The struggle theory provides a perfect function as to how people have become stateless due to a individual life event. doing them to accommodate to the state of affairs. Peoples change to the homeless lifestyle alternatively of taking stairss to return to traditional society. ( Calhoun. 2002 ) . The behaviourism of a stateless single Begins to alter as they start to work to last. Shortly after this endurance mode the homeless individual accepts the conflict of being homeless as a social norm and believes himself to be a regular portion of that society. The struggle theoreticians look at the society from an impartial position. This point of view looks at persons and sees them as inferior to society. The basis of social construction is power or temptation and the lone manner to progress within the social construction is through a power battle. In this power battle. there is much competition. Social category is intensely valuable in this mentality for it characterizes your topographic point in the memorial of authorization.

Wealth and assets are limed significantly in society. and people are invariably in competition for these goods and prosperity. Conflict theorists approach the issue of homelessness merely like an emperor approaches his subsidiaries. They see the homeless as people that are excessively delicate and unable to lift up the social ranking. They see the homeless as persons unable to make the end of greater societal position. Conflict theorists identify themselves as the emperors of world and see the homeless as undistinguished people because they are unable to make anything.

Basically the struggle theoreticians see themselves as the 1s with all the accomplishment. They are Masterss in political. economic and societal assets. The homeless are dominated by the higher societal category. ( Calhoun. 2002 ) . Homelessness in the United States continues to be a societal job. Thousands of people still run into the word picture of homeless. It is a societal issue that has existed for old ages. It does non hold biass ; it is an equal chance societal issue. It is seen in every major metropolis in the United States. Homeless are the derelict people.


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