Social Studies Vocabulary

Term Definition
Anglo a white person of European descent.
colony a country or area under the control of another country;a group of people living there.
constitution a written statement outlining the basic laws for a state or country.
empresario a person given a land grant by the Mexican government to make a settlement and recruit people to live there.
land grant a contract that gives ownership of a plot of land.
massacre a killing of many people.
militias groups of citizen soldiers.
pneumonia a serious lung infection that makes it hard to breathe.
republic a political system in which people elect representatives to make laws for them.
revolution an act of overthrowing and replacing one government with another.
tejano a Mexican-born Texan.
Texians people living in Mexican Texas between 1821 and 1836.
commerce the buying and selling of goods and services.
conquistidor a Spanish conqueror of the Americas in the sixteenth century.
convert to adopt new religious beliefs.
hostile very unfriendly.
mestizos people of mixed American Indians and European descent living in Mexico.
mission a religious and military outpost established by the Spanish during colonization.
missionaries people who share their religious faith with others,usually in other countries.
presidio a Spanish fort staffed by soldiers.
squatters people who settle on land without rights or titles.
Western Hemisphere the part of the world the include the continents North and South America.

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