Social Value Essay

SOCIAL VALUES Social values are the customs, beliefs, tastes, social practices and norms, and attitude of a particular social community. Social value refers to the attitude or ‘code of conduct’ that an individual in certain society has to conform to. Social values determine course of social life of a person and regulate his or her life to a great extent. It is one’s commitment to social values that one cannot get involved in anti-social and criminal or notorious activities.

Social values direct an individual to maintain social harmony, to conform to what is accepted by majority of the society, and refrain from doing such things those are destructive to social peace and order. In the past social values were very compact and rigid and every individual tried best to maintain or conform to that values. But now people are unconscious and sometimes callous to social values.

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Social Value Essay
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Lust, greed for money and power, excessive desire or mania to achieve something illegally and unfairly, and desire for material gain are the causes of present degradation of social values. Violation and degradation of social values have adverse effect in the society. As we se around us that younger generation don’t show any respect to their superiors, family ties break down, often a family disintegrates, children go astray, young people become drug addicted or get involved in various anti-social and immoral activities.

These are all sings of people’s loss of the sense of morality of ethics resulting from social degradation. We should be alert to preserve social values. To do so we can develop intra-social relationship among its members, keep an eye on our younger so that they are not derailed, and not allow such things to happen that destroy people’s morality and goad them to do unsocial and anti-social things.


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