Social work and placement diary Essay

Social Work

Assist people to resettle in the community following residential attention

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Social work and placement diary Essay
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Unit Standard 7983

Degree 5 ( 6 Creditss )

Assessment Task 1

Explanation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and its application in the societal services

Te Tiriti o Waitangi is named after the topographic point in the Bay of Islands where it was foremost signed on 6Thursdayof February 1840.Te Tiriti O Waitangi is written in two texts and which are: Maori and English. The being of two versions don’t straight translate has caused jobs in Aotearoa/NZ as both cede and vouch different powers and maps for each party in each of the two versions. Besides both version together represent an statement drawn between representatives of the British Crown and Tangata Whenua ( the people of this land ) .It was besides an understanding between Maori and the Crown at that clip to regulate and to develop a British Settlement during the Crown approved to Maori full citizenship rights and every bit good as the protection of all their involvements and assets.

Principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi

  • Partnership
  • Protection
  • Engagement

Partnership– interactions between the two spouses ( Maori and Crown ) must be based on good religion, cooperation, tolerance honestness and regard. Social Service Organisations ensures the demands of Maori are prioritised when prosecuting with them or when making policies that could impact Maori. For e.g. While working with your client dainty him/ her in a friendly manner so that they will experience comfy and respected and besides a whanau hui should be held with the household of the client to discourse about the discharge program, taking into history the safety and well-being of your client while they are being discharged back to their community.

Protection– Maori have the protected right to do picks that best delivers their civilization, that line with tika and kawa, their traditions and customary patterns. Besides protecting Maori cognition, involvements, values, linguistic communication and other taonga, for e.g. Before get downing the whanau hui with your client and her household a karakia was done so that their cultural traditions are being valued and as a societal worker during the procedure of helping people to resettle in the community following residential attention one needs to let whanau to do determinations that are in their best involvements of the household to keep some self-government and surrogate authorization.

Engagement– indicates positive Maori engagement at all degrees including handiness to instruction, employment, medical services and other services, for e.g. during the procedure of helping people to resettle in the community following residential attention one should use Maori theoretical accounts of wellness on their client to position and back up them holistically and besides encouraging engagement in the whanau hui by inquiring client’s household to get down the meeting with a karakia, so that their kawa and tikanga are adhered to and besides so that they feel belonged and suited support is provided sing their cultural values.

Assessment Task 2

Pull off the consumption procedure of a individual discharged from residential attention




Summary of ground residential attention was required


35 old ages old

E.A is a 35 twelvemonth old Maori European adult female of Manurewa Auckland who has been involved in intoxicant and drug. She is a female parent of two kids. She has a 13 twelvemonth old girl and a 9 twelvemonth old boy.E.A’s hubby works in a Truck company so he is out of town most of the clip. A Whanau Hui was held with E.A and her household and it was decided that she will be sent to an Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre. She will remain at that place for 6 hebdomads before a whanau hui will be held to catch up on E.A’s public presentation.

( Task 2 ) Placement Diary

Student Name


Contribution to pull offing procedure


Notes/key points of information provided to the individual


A scope of different information was provided to my client E.A and her household and this involves different types of Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation programme near E.A’s topographic point and the safety and well-being of E.A while she is in attention arrangement.


Booklets and booklets were given to E.A to hold some thoughts of how the Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation can assist her.


An orientation of the programme was given to E.A so that she is good cognizant of the things she will be making during her arrangement.

Summary of information provided to the individual sing the function, map, services and legal duties of the societal worker and societal service supplier

I told my client E.A about my function and duties as a societal worker and these are as follows: normally the lead societal worker or the instance director takes on the duty for supplying support systematically to a client in the organisation. The lead societal worker has to transport out the appraisal and consumption procedure harmonizing to the policies and processs of their organisation. As being the societal worker one of the chief of import function is to stay by the societal workers codification of pattern so that attention and support is given harmonizing to the legal duties that every societal worker demands to follow. Motivated and encouraged engagement of my client by making the appraisal and intake procedure in a non-threatening, comfy environment so that she is relaxed and will be able to show her jobs without any troubles. Developed aims and ends with my client that she has to accomplish in the following 6 hebdomads.

Notes/key points of how you completed consumption processs harmonizing to the discharge program, statute law, and ethical pattern and in conformity with your workplace standards/requirements.

The consumption and appraisal processs were put into pattern harmonizing to the discharge program and harmonizing to the policies and processs of my organisation and these are:

  • Admission criteria-in this instance my client meets the admittance standard because she is a NZ citizen and our organisation is able to back up and assist her with our services.
  • Intake and Assessment procedures- the consumption and appraisal processs were conducted in the meeting room and information gained from my client E.A was kept confidential so that she feels safe and comfy of her personal information non being disclosed to others.
  • Documents to be completed and retained- admittance signifier were filled by my client E.A and it was kept confidential in a file.
  • Information to be provided to clients- information of my functions and duties as a societal worker was provided to my client and besides information about her rights as a client ; if she is non happy with our service she could ever kick and raise her voice.
  • Legislation- a confidentiality signifier was signed by my client E.A, to give us permission to unwrap her personal inside informations with person if it is required.

Other Notes/reflections on the consumption procedure

The appraisal and intake procedure was done sing the cultural values of my client. To acquire to cognize my client better and to construct a relationship with her so that she is able to show herself freely and easy, before get downing the audience procedure, I asked her that would she like to state a say a karakia so that she will experience relaxed spiritually every bit good.

( Task 3 ) Placement Diary

Student Name


Contributions to helping the individual to pull off the passage from abode to the community


Notes/key points of any meetings or other communicating, inside informations of actions related to helping the individual


Whanau hui was held to allow E.A run into with her kids so that she start experiencing belong to her household once more.


Telephone calls made to E.A’s hubby to allow him cognize about her advancement.


A household assemblage was arranged before the discharge of E.A to allow her experience and belonged to her community once more.

How did the aid you provided promote self-government and discourage dependence on the societal service worker or societal service supplier?

E.A was given the information of 2 Alcohol and Rehabilitation Centre near her place and booklets and booklets were provided to her and it was her determination to take in which of the plans she was to acquire into. By allowing her giving her picks and allowing her decide for herself, she was able to believe what is good for her and what is non and besides her self-esteem degree was boosted because she had a hope for accomplishing her aims and ends in the following 6 hebdomads.

What people did you intercede with in the community and how this assist parties to the program to lend to the person’s relocation?

The parties that I liaised with in the community are as follows:

  • E.A’s family- to state them about the public presentation of E.A.
  • Social worker of Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre- to cognize about the advancement of E.A and how good she is working towards accomplishing her ends and aims.
  • Kaumatua- when E.A is discharged from the Rehab Centre, she could travel to her Marae and had a karakia to loosen up her organic structure and head and to to the full acquire accepted by her community.

What resources did you pull off, and what agreements needed to be made for the passage from the abode to community?


  • Company vehicle to go to whanau hui
  • Mobile phone


  • a household assemblage was arranged for E.A to run into her household
  • a Marae visit was made on the twenty-four hours of discharge for E.A.

Other notes/reflections on the passage to community

All the agreements were made harmonizing to the suitableness of clip E.A, to do certain that it does interfere with her ain personal clip and that she is happy with the agreements and topographic point of whanau hui and household assemblage.

( Task 4 ) Placement Diary

Student Name


Helping the individual to resettle in the community


Notes/key points of any meetings or other communicating, inside informations of actions related to the individual


A whanau hui was held to happen out about E.A’s public presentation at place after being discharged from the Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre.


Telephone call was made to E.A’s hubby to happen out about what E.A’s advancement in footings of discontinuing intoxicant and drug.


Agreements were made to take E.A to the AA meeting.

How did you promote self-government and discourage dependence on the societal service worker or societal service supplier?

I encouraged E.A to reconnect with her kids and household. The agreement of transit for E.A to go to AA meetings was done by her and one of her household member was responsible for making this.

How did you help the individual to place demands for life in the community i.e. sets purposes and aims?

Identifying demands for life in the community and scene purposes and aims were done by holding meetings with my client E.A.

Meeting 1

  • Appraisal and intake procedure of my client E.A.

Meeting 2

  • Conducted an interview with E.A to discourse about her demands at this point in clip.
  • Used my interview accomplishments to pass on with her efficaciously so that information can be obtained from her.
  • Plan was made to enumerate her demands, prioritise the action program and to develop aims and ends to carry through her demands.
  • Arranged who would be responsible to action each of the itemized demands.
  • How my client E.A will be able to acquire support from our service and will it be good for her.

How did you help the individual to measure their engagement in the community against their purposes and aims?

Measuring the engagement of my client E.A in the community was done by reexamining her action program by holding a regular meeting to happen out the advancement of E.A and how she is executing to accomplish her ends or is she fighting to run into some of her ends.

How did you help the individual to set up a community life style that focused on both their safety and the safety of others?

This was done by set uping community supports before her passage, such as AA ( Alcohol Anonymous ) Centre and near to Marae and besides sing the community that would be safest for E.A non to get worse back into imbibing intoxicant and taking drugs. Goals were discussed to actuate E.A to remain off from intoxicant and drugs and to reconnect with her kids and to acquire her sense of mana back.

What advancement against the discharge program was achieved? What farther options ( if any ) were identified?

  • E.A was able to halt taking intoxicant and drugs
  • Attending AA meetings and keep intoxicant free life style
  • Reconnecting back with her kids and household ( re- set uping relationships )
  • Deciding for herself what is right and incorrect for her and her children’s hereafter.

Other notes/reflections on the re-settling of the individual

E.A was responsible for her actions of non taking drug and intoxicant and bettering her public presentation and besides she took the ownership of re- set uping relationship with her kids, household and the community.

Assessment Task 5

Application of societal service theory

Administration and direction in the societal services– every administration should hold a wide degree of societal work theory, value and pattern at organizational and direction degree so that the services provided to people are effectual and are of quality. All the treatments made with my client E.A was done by following the policies and protocols of administration.

Gender and Sexuality– The Human Rights Act does non give permission to know apart against people on the footing of their gender or gender, for e.g. while working together with my client E.T and his household every determination made were non- judgemental, supply non- biased and were non-prejudiced.

Users of the societal services– users of societal services should be informed of their rights and have their rights adhered to. Before working with my client E.T I made my function ( of being a societal worker ) clear to him and his household and besides informed them that if they don’t like something in footings of our service so they have the right to kick about it.



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