Society & Internet Essay

In todays society the internet has made one of the biggest impacts in our time. It’s a place where very close to almost anything can happen with something as quick as a click of your finger. Some people manage their business through the internet, others utilize it to socialize on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and plenty more. Then there are others who use the internet to create online bonds sometimes with complete strangers. There’s many ways you can meet people through the internet and create such bonds, like playing a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) ame or using social networks like those listed before.

Some people consider these types of relationships pointless, while there are also many people who feel like they can or have already built some sort of relationship through these worlds, so the question to be asked is: Can we consider these “Online World” relationships friends or foes? There are countless amounts of prcfs and con’s that add up with both views toward the subject. For example, some feel like building a relationship like this online is Just going to be nothing but a waste of time for the people engaging in the activity.

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Society & Internet Essay
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More than likely the people you meet online aren’t in your nearby surrounding areas so people think to themselves “Why try and build a friendship when it can’t go anywhere past this ‘Online World? ” In this case yes, it might be a huge waste of time for yourself because there really isn’t much you can do to further your friendship past whatever it is the internet will limit you to. Yet, at the same time if you meet someone online and you felt some sort of special connection with that person you could always take the initiative and try to further your friendship beyond an “Online

World” you can take the position to say “Hey, why don’t we meet up sometime? ” and right away the factor of the whole “Online” thing is obliterated. Another advantage of meeting and making friends online is the fact that you can actually make an honest bond with that person that you wouldn’t be able to make with some people you really know because of your fear of what they would think of you. When you’re online making friendships there’s a sense of comfort that develops knowing that you can be completely upfront and honest about almost anything because there’s not many ways it can affect you in your everyday life beyond the nternet.

With that being a great source of relieving stress it also can be a negative towards you, because of the fact that you never know who the face behind another internet compatible device is. For all you know you can be sharing really personal information with a person in your school who may enw you for whatever reason and they now have the potential to completely leak out your secrets you thought was safe through this “Online World”. Through online relationships there’s not much you can expect to happen because not much of the things happening in your friendships hrough the internet can be premeditated.

One last advantage of meeting and making friends online is that if you had enough of a person it’s much easier to end a conversation online rather than in person. Having a friendship online means that you are capable of doing whatever you please as Tar as a conversatlon goes. As In IT you don’t want to really ta person you can take the liberty to Just simply sign off with no questions asked. As opposed to real life friendships where it can be a lot harder to end an ongoing conversation with someone you don’t really want to speak to.

Reason being the erson is actually in front of you so all their gestures and emotions are physically noticeable which may make it harder to simply stop a conversation as easy as if you were online. In conclusion, online relationships shouldn’t be looked upon as only a positive thing or only a negative thing. It’s mutual and all depends on what type of relationship it is you have with the person. Sometimes it’s a waste of time to Just talk to a person all the time knowing the friendship can’t cross the boundaries of the online world, and sometimes that time “wasted” could be the exact reason youVe uilt a real life relationship with someone.

Other times you can find yourself making a strong bond with someone online that you feel you have never made with anyone else, but for all you know that person behind the other end of the connection could be abusing your trust and be plotting against you. All these things Just show the positives and negatives that comes along with “Online World” friendships. These types of friendships are here now and seem to be striving in todays society so whether good or bad, I suggest you get with the program is all.


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