Sociological Aspects of Prison Life Essay

Sociological Aspects of Prison Life Jennifer Mc Neal CJS 230 Instructor George Brothers August 22, 2010 Sociological Aspects of Prison Life In most prisons, there is an establishment of dominance amongst the prisoners. In prison, it is survival of the most powerful. There is always a top dog the one that no one ever wants to mess with because his or her fate might be death. Prison life is tough; you have to be on guard at all times of the day because it is easy to become a victim and anything is possible in a facility of this nature.

When most gang members are in prison, they generally stick together with their own ethnic groups. Many racial groups stick together however, this is not always true and in most cases, this depends on demographics. In prison, hierarchy is involved in the crimes the prisoners commit being a sex offender or rapist is very scary in prison life because other prisoners show these kinds of people no mercy what so ever. In most prisons, a crime of this nature is highly taken serious by other inmates that would never think of doing such a thing to a child and they will kill the pedophile because of his or her acts” (R. P. A. S. A. O. S. A. , 2005). Many people would be speechless how the inmates handle a situation like rapists or pedophiles. References (I. O. S. W. U. W. P. 2005) www. indecs. eu/2005/indecs2005-pp100. pdf. [received on August 23, 2010]

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