Sociology Chapters 5, 6, and 7

Term/Question Definition/Answer
Piaget's Cognitive Theory of Development The theory that children's thought progresses through for stages of development
List Piaget's Four Stages of Development Sensorimotor, Pre-Operational, Concrete Operational, and Formal Operational
Rite of Passage A ritual marking the symbolic transition from one social position to another dramatizing and validating changes in a person's status
Resocialization The process of discarding former behavior patterns and accepting new ones as part of a transition in one's life
Gerontology The study of the sociological and psychological aspects of aging and the problems of aging adults
Ascribed Status A social position assigned to a person by society without regard for the person's unique talents or characteristics
Achieved Status A social position that is within our power to change
Master Status A status that dominates others and thereby determines a person's general position in society
What are the 3 Stages of Berger and Luckmann's model describing interdependent relationships between the individual and society? Constructing culture, constructing the self, and constructing society
Role Conflict Incompatible expectations arise from two or more social positions held by the same person
What was the Stanley Milgram Experiment? Milgram conducted an experiment on obedience and how people would react when being told, not physically forced, to do something
Social Control The techniques and strategies for preventing deviant human behavior in any society
Conformity Abiding by the norms of our peers even though they have no direct authority over us
Obedience Doing what a person in a position of authority over you says you should do
Informal Social Control Social control that is carried out casually by ordinary people through such means as laughter, smiles, and ridicule
Formal Social Control Social control that is carried out by authorized agents, such as police officers, judges, school administrators, and employers
Deviance Behavior that violates that standards of conduct or expectations of a group or society
Stigma Labeling individuals or members of a group as less than whole persons due to some attribute that marks them as different in the eyes of others
White-Collar Crime Illegal acts committed by affluent, "respectable" individuals in the course of business activities, such as tax evasion
Victimless Crime Acts involving the willing exchange among adults of widely desired, but illegal, goods and services
Organized Crime The work of a group that regulates relations among criminal enterprises involved in illegal activities, including prostitution, gambling, and the smuggling and sale of illegal drugs
Social Control Society brings about acceptance of basic norms through techniques and strategies for preventing deviant human behavior
What is Hirschi's Control Theory? Our connection to members of society leads us to systematically conform to society's norms
Kinship The state of being related to others
Substantive Definition of the Family A definition of the family based on blood, meaning shared genetic heritage, and law, meaning social recognition and affirmation of the bond including both marriage and adoption
Monogamy A form of marriage in which one woman and one man are married only to each other
Serial Monogamy A form of marriage in which a person may have several spouses in his or her lifetime but only one spouse at a time
Polygamy A form of marriage in which an individual may have several husbands or wives simultaneously
Polygyny A form of marriage in which a man may have more than one wife at the same time
Polyandry A form of marriage in which a woman may have more than one husband at the same time
Functionalist Definition of Families A definition of families that focuses on how families provide for the physical, social, and emotional needs of individuals and of society as a whole
Patriarchy A society in which men dominate the family decision making
Matriarchy A society in which women dominate the family decision making
Egalitarian Family An authority pattern in which spouses are regarded as equals
Familism Placing the interests of the family before those of the individual
Cohabition The practice of a man and a woman living together in a sexual relationship without being married
Endogamy The restriction of mate selection to people within the same group
Exogamy The requirement that people select a mate outside a certain group

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