Sociology Quotes Essay

Sociology Quotes BY N011y_95 Criminology, in its narrow sense, is concerned with the study of the phenomenon of crime and of the factors or circumstances … which may have an influence on or be associated with criminal behaviour and the state of crime in general. But this does not and should not exhaust the whole subject matter of criminology. There remains the vitally important problem of combating crime… To rob it of this practical function, is to divorce criminology from reality and render it sterile. Radzinowicz, L. (1962) In Search of Criminology. Cambridge MA: Harvard.

The scholarly objective of criminology is the development of a body of knowledge regarding the process of law, crime, and reaction to crime… The practical objective of criminology, supplementing the scientific or theoretical objective, is to reduce the amount of pain and suffering in the world. Sutherland, E. H. & Cressey, D. R. (1978) Criminology. Philadelphia: Lippincott. Let us state quite categorically that the major task of radical criminology is to seek a solution to the problem of crime and that of a socialist policy is to substantially reduce the crime rate. Young, J. 986) The failure of criminology: the need for a radical realism’, in R. Matthews and J. Young (eds) Confronting Crime, London: Sage Imagine a community of saints in an exemplary and perfect monastery. In it crime as such will be unknown, but faults that appear venial to the ordinary person will arouse the same scandal as does normal crime in ordinary consciences. If therefore that community has the power to Judge and punish, it will term such acts criminal and deal with them as such. Durkheim, E. (1982) The Rules of Sociological Method. London: Macmillan. (Originally published in French in 1895).

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