Question Answer
When one gram of sugar is mixed into 100 mL of hot water, what will probably happen to the sugar?
a. it will dissolve into the water
b. it will float on top of the water
c. it will rise up and leave the water as steam
a. It will dissolve into the water
Mrs. G wants to classify matter based in it's solubility. How could she test a material to find out if it is soluble or insoluble?
a. cool it it see if it freezes
b. heat it to see if it evaporates
c. add it to water to see if it dissolves
c. Add it to water to see if it dissolves
Mr. G makes a solution my mixing his favorite powered sports drink mix into his Camel-back pack with water. Which physical properties of the water will remain the same?
d. Temperature
Mrs. G stirred 5 grams of salt into 10 mL of water. The salt dissolved in the water. How many grams of salt is now in the solution of water?
a. 5 grams
b. 10 grams
c. 15 grams
d. 50 grams
a. 5 grams
The rate at which a solid dissolves in water depends on many factors. Which of these factors has no effect on the rate at which a solid dissolves?
a. temperature of the liquid
b.the color of the liquid
c.whether the liquid is stirred
d. amount of soli
b. the color of the liquid

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