Solutions and Mixtures

Term Definition
Soluble A solution is soluble if it dissolves in a liquid.
Example: Salt will dissolve in water.
Solution A solution is a combination of two or more substances in which one of the substances dissolves evenly in the other substance.
Example: Sugar water, Salt water, Lemonade, coffee with sugar.
Can solutions be separated?
Food coloring, lemon juice, sugar,salt and are all Soluble in water
Mixture Is a combination of two or more substances. You can still see the properties of all the substances mixed and nothing dissolves. Can be separated easily.
Is trail mix an example of a mixture or solution? Mixture because it is a combination of two or more substances and cannot be dissolved.
Insoluble If something does not dissolve in something else.
Is pepper soluble in water? No, it is not able to be dissolved in water.

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