Someone That You Help Essay

As human being in our society we face many problems. In order to become motivated we have to relieve some of the stress (bad habits) three issues that hinder our motivation us becoming motivated us human being would be like nail biting, losing weight and, alcohol I will be intertwining three stores then will be giving examples of how we can motivate ourselves. “Tweak the environment” as Heath’s said “if you change the path you’ll change the Due to that my current health problem that I am experiencing is my weight problem. I weight one hundred fifty five pounds.

I am unhappy about it and I lso cannot afford to buy new pants due to my big size. A lot of the women and a few of the men in my age do suffer from being overweight or obese. Currently I am not obese but I am overweight for my age and height. I am five foot four and my health weight is between one hundred thirty pounds and one hundred forty pounds. Being overweight has affected me by lowering my self-esteem and has pushed me into a weird sort of depression. Being down and depressed is not who I am and not someone I want to be.

Making healthy choices now and changing my situation will help me greatly with not only my physical health but also my mental. Todays many people are not realizing that mental health is Just as important physical health. My realistic nutrition plan for me is very simple. Stop eating Junk food and stop drinking soda. Discontinuing the consuming of soda is not a hard thing for me to do as I get some caffeine tthroughout the day. In the morning I leave earlier for school so I can pick a coffee and blue berry muffin from a coffee house.

Then for lunch at work I eat fruit and drinking Juice or water. I work in a grocery store, so it is easy for me to find and obtain healthy foods and drink, but it is also very tempting to grab that candy bar at the check-out. Dinner it varies since then I am at home, but I watch that I only eat once and I do not for back for second. The motivation for me not to grab that candy bar or any other truly unhealthy food, is that I am simply tired of being overweight. Motivation was a hard thing for me to do since I do not have a problem with individuals think of me.

I have already started this diet and I have already lost some weight, since it is simple it works for me and I do not have the feeling that I am going to be overweight again. “Simple tweak of the path can lead to dramatic change” (202) “Rally the herd” In Chip and Dan Heath’s the book Switch said “when ou are lea01ng an elepnant on an unTamlllar patn cnances are Its going to Tollow herd. ” (228) Creating a positive community is important for college student to succeeding. A great way for them to do this is by surrounding themselves with positive peers.

Because drinking is seen as something cool many sstudents during their beginning years associate fun with alcohol when in actuality alcohol lowers ambitions, and can cause people to do foolish and sometimes dangerous things. According to the scotth young “Associate with role models- spends more time with people who model the habits you want to mirror. ” A great for sstudents to create positive communities is by switch friends; this perceived happiness will be gone. Several ways of switching friends without others getting offended could be to focus on academics, helping out or Joining student associations.

This will motivate individuals to do better. On campus there are many alcoholic support groups if needed. As Heath’s say “you are doing things because you see your peer do them. ” (227) we could write a whole paper Just on this quote. Now, let’s take this quote and apply it to college sstudents drinking alcohol. A college freshman arrives on the Saint Cloud campus; he or she is being told that Saint Cloud State is the top rinking/partying school. The student is brainwashed from the first day to believe drinking is fine to do.

This student will then apply this line of thinking in which it is alright to go to parties and bars. In these environments, the student will be the victim of peer pressure. One of the best ways to counter act this situation is not Just say no. If your friends do not allow you to say “no” this is a sign that a new set of friends are needed. Besides for this obvious answer, we can apply many other techniques. If the person who drinks alcohol sets up a drinking plan, writing down when they drink, how many drinks, etc. This can be proof to themselves that motivation is needed.

Keeping a Journal which shows progress, on either a daily occurrence or weekly is one way to motivate you. The last way to motivate yourself would be to set up a reward system. An example would be if a college student does not go out on Thursday night and drinks, he or she might instead go see a movie. He or she might decide to eat out at their favorite restaurant. All of these principles go back to the fundamental finding as stated before, “you are doing things because you see your peer do them. “(227) If your friends around you are not drinking, then you will not be rinking either most likely. Shape the path” Changing a behavior that has been learned can be a challenge to unlearn. Our daily lives are often a series of habits played out through the day a trammeled being restricted by the slow mass of our previous. But habits can be changed as difficult as that may seem sometimes. According to scotth young “do it for yourself don’t worry about all the things you should have as habits. Instead tool your habits towards your goals and the things that motivate you. ” Nail biting is something that everyone does a least from time to time. may be Just removing nails or a loose hangnails but for some people this problem is much more serious. Time after time IVe tried to stop biting my nails and IVe yet to be successful stopping. After doing on observational study of nail biting on myself and substituting behavior by applying nail polish on my nails IVe noticed that my nail biting decrease. The habits that I wanted to change was nail biting. For first week I Just observe myself without applying any substitute behavior and see what would make me bite my nails, whether it was anxiety, stress or Just a habit. For the second week I trlea to use

OITTerent tecnnlques to nelp me stop Dltlng my nail like keeping my hands close tight or applying nail polish on my nails. I found that substitute that worked the best was applying nail polish on my nails because I didn’t like the taste of it and I didn’t want to ruin my pretty nails. On the first week of my study I found that on first day I didn’t bite my nails tthroughout the day but that was because I knew I was doing a study. As Heath’s example “To change yourself or other people youVe got to change habits and what we see with Romano is that his habits shifted when his environment shifted. “(207-208)

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