Soul Mates: How will you find them? Essay

SOUL MATES: HOW WILL WE FIND THEM? “Have we ever met before? “, miou look familiar”, and “I think I know you” these lines are often spoke to someone you felt a sudden strong connection. According to theosophy, humans were androgynous- equally male and female. However, when humans incurred karma they were separated into a man and a woman. After all karmic debt are purged, the two unites and returns to the ultimate. This explains that each soul seeks its own better halves.

Greek legend says that humans were born with four legs and arms until Zeus splits them in half and scatters them around the world ince then; people seeks to complete the missing part of them. This notion simply tells us that every individual has its destined better halves or SOUL MATES. However, the question is, how will we find our very own soul mates? Soul mates are individuals, which carry a strong affinity to another person. Some people believe that your soul mate will complete something that you wish you had.

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Soul Mates: How will you find them? Essay
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Thus, this person complements your strengths and conceals your weaknesses. The idea of the existence of soul mates are considerably authentic from time immemorial but as new ge came to veracity the concept of soul mates were turning nebulous and vague. Now, I’ll be giving you my five promising ways in finding your destined one. DON’T USE YOUR EYES, INSTEAD OPEN YOUR HEART. “sometimes the heart sees what invisible to the eyes”- nowadays, most of us fixes our goals in finding a physically appealing individual that has the beauty and splendor.

Sometimes good looks are deceiving and at the latter part, we will end up awful. Now, what should we do? We should always primarily recognize his/her character and as we learn to love these hings about him/her, we will see their exceptional beauty and splendor. NEVER SET STANDARDS. Obviously, these standards does not help you, well, others may not agree. However, think about it on the first place. WHY do we set standards? It is not really helping us to find our destined partners but these standards limits us in finding and meeting other people.

Aforementioned that we really cannot tell if that person is the one destined for us so we should really go out there and meet others. ALWAYS TRUST FOR THE RIGHT TIME. When something predestined should happen, it does happen. Time is gold, but LOVE is PRECIOUS “nothing can be sure in a fast shot unless you’re slowly making sure of it. Ironic isn’t it? Well, the real thing is you don’t find love, but love comes to you. The key element is your patience and focus on waiting for the right time and the right person.

In this way, you will surely be happy when he/she comes to you for everything has its perfect timing. DON’T REPEAT YOUR PREVIOUS MISTAKES. Learning from previous relationships can help you finding the right one. Love can be tough but it’s your Job to deal with it. Now, when you fail in our fght you should learn from it but never be scared to love again. Just what Oscar Wilde would say, “a life without love is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead”.

ACKNOWLEDGE AND SLAY THE DRAGONS. princes and princesses stones happy ending. Indeed, it reciprocates reality; and there will always be “dragons to slay’ or the challenges we need to surpass before experiencing that everlasting love. Love conquers all, isn’t it? Then why won’t you prove it? Finding an ideal romantic partner in life might be difficult and I find it pernicious since the effect of these soul ates, is that people tend to believe that there must be someone better out there.

Considering that, people tend to get the best of both worlds; we seek the best individual we believe to be destined for us. I have come to believe that finding these people can be unmanageable though I think it should be. Many psychologists have tried to test its validity but later on, they have arrived in a common conclusion that a soul mate is what not people should FIND, but it is what people should BECOME. Now, I dare you to walk your way and find yours.


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