Term Definition
The unit for measuring frequency is a(an)_____________ hertz
An echo is caused by a(an)____________________ reflection
A sound starts with a(an)__________________ vibration
Loudness is measured in a unit called a(an)_____________ decibel
Overtones affect the _________________ of a sound quality
A sound travels as a(an)___________________ vibration
A reflected sound is called a(an)____________ echo
Sound tends not to bounce off carpets because of ____________ absorption
When molecules bunch together, that's the _________ stage of a sound wave compression
When molecules spread apart, that's the ___________ stage of a sound wave. rarefaction
If the frequency of a musical note is increased, ______________ the note gets higher
Echoes are the result of _______________ reflection
The two parts of a sound wave are ___________ and ____________ compression and rarefaction
The changing pitch of a moving siren is caused by ______________ the Doppler effect
Two differences we hear in sounds are ___________ and _____________ pitch and quality

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