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Part A

Traveling public by offering stock through an initial public offering, ( IPO ) will stand for a milepost for Johnsons P/L. The chief ground for most companies to travel public is to obtain funding, and so is Johnsons P/L. When companies go public, they raise a batch of money and spread the ownership hazard among big Numberss of stockholders ( Glen and Pinto, 2012 ) . When the hazard is spread, this factor is really important for the growing of the company. The two basic options available to raise money for moderate-sized companies are debt funding and equity funding. Debt funding entails the long-run loans acquired from Bankss, whereas equity funding is the money from private investors, who in exchange get a portion of having the concern.

a. Debt Financing

There are two types of debt, viz. secured and unbarred debt. A debt is secured when collateral is involved, therefore cut downing imparting hazards. An unbarred debt offers higher hazard to the loaners as they do non collateral resort, therefore attracts higher involvement from the borrower ( Madura, 2013 ) . Debt is a liability to the company because involvement and capital must be paid without respect of the hard currency flow. In instance of bankruptcy, the bank must be paid foremost. This funding is comparatively easy for little concerns, non for moderate-sized concerns.

Advantages of debt funding over equity

  • Utilizes resources because no affair the state of affairs, the company must pay back the money
  • It is advantageous for short-run demands
  • It offers a revenue enhancement advantage to companies since the involvement is deductible from the income revenue enhancement
  • Lenders do non hold a direct claim on the future net incomes
  • This loaning does non let thining the ownership of the concern

Disadvantages of debt funding over equity

  • Requires regular payments with a chief sum and involvement, which may be disadvantageous when the concern is non making net income
  • In instance of late or lost payment, loaners tend to connote punishments, which can impact the public presentation of the concern negatively
  • There is limited handiness to fully-established concerns, such as Samuel johnsons P/L
  • The sum from debt moneymans is really low, and in this state of affairs, Johnsons P/L requires $ 60 million, which is really big

B. Equity Financing

This type of funding is more appropriate than any other beginning such as the bank loan, although it can put demands for the concern ( Porter and Norton, 2009 ) .

Advantages of equity funding

  • Equity funding is committed to the concern every bit good as the intended undertakings. When the concern is executing, that is when investors realize their investing. For illustration, through stock market flotation ( Frankel, 2013 )
  • The company does non hold to maintain up with the demands of serving bank loans, therefore it allows the operations to utilize the capital to spread out the concern activities.
  • External investors expect the company to present value, therefore assist the direction to research all growing thoughts.
  • When the capital is invested decently, it can the venture brings valuable accomplishments, experience, and contacts in the concern. The capitalists assist with those schemes and cardinal decision-making.

Disadvantages of equity funding

  • Raising equity finance is clip devouring, dearly-won, and really demanding, and may take the direction to concentrate off from the nucleus activities of the concern ( Glen and Pinto, 2012 ) .
  • Potential investors will ever necessitate comprehensive background information on the company, size uping the past consequences and accomplishments of the prognosiss.
  • Depending on the figure of the investors, the company will merely hold a certain per centum of power to do cardinal determinations
  • The direction will hold to put excess clip in supplying the investors with the advancement of the concern
  • There are legal and regulative issues that the concern must follow with during equity funding

Therefore, the best option for Johnsons P/L will be equity funding as it offers more advantages.

Part B

Business Summary: Nuplex Industries Ltd ( NPX )

Nuplex Industries limited use a developer, maker, and marketer of rosins used in cosmetic, automotive, protective, and industrial coatings (, 2014 ) . They offer additives and rosins such as liquid, solvent borne, and waterborne, every bit good as solid pulverization for several other industries and providers of pigment, vehicle refinish, transit, edifice and building, white goods, consumer electronics, and substructure, every bit good as flooring and furniture goods. The company besides provides complexs such as vinyl ester rosins and polyester, flow coats, and gel coats ; distributes natural stuffs and Specialty chemicals to assorted industries and markets ; and produces chemicals and rosins used in bring forthing mush and paper merchandises. Additionally, the company provides maestro batches ; public presentation and coloring material additives for plastics ; industries and distributes rosins for situ shocking systems like the cosmetic floor coatings, hygienic non-slip floors, concrete floor sealants, elastomeric waterproof flooring, chemical-resistant flooring, and cosmetic seamless terrazzo floors for both industrial and commercial sectors. Further, Nuplex manufactures man-made rosins and emulsions, pre-mixed plasters, nutrient ingredients, metal desiccants, and holds belongingss (, 2014 ) . The company’s chief market includes Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and America. The company was founded in 1985 and its central offices are in North Sydney, Australia.

Subordinates of Nuplex Industries Ltd

The company has more than 25 subordinates in different states. In this paper, the chief subordinates discussed are Multichem Pty. Ltd. , and Asia Pacific Specialty Chemicals, Ltd. ( APS ) . Multichem trades with providing natural stuffs in New Zealand and Australia. It besides offers assorted chemicals used in adhesives, rug, nutrient, agribusiness and provender, pigment, rosin, ink, cosmetics and personal attention, gum elastic industries, plastics and PVC (, 2014 ) . On the other manus, APS manufactures, exports, imports, and distributes forte chemicals in New Zealand and Australia. Its operations are in different divisions, viz. polymer and gum elastic, coatings, fabrics and leather, nutrient and nutrition, building and adhesives, personal attention, health care, procedure industries, and analysis and research.

NPAT for 2012 and 2013

The statutory net net income after revenue enhancement was $ 43 million, a 31.5 % lessening from the old year’s $ 63 million. The consequence included $ 13.8 million important inside informations, including the $ 5.6 million write-down for restructuring ANZ operations, a $ 5.5 million for Nuplex’s investing in Fibrelogic, an Australian based pipe maker. However, the NPAT for 2013 was $ 56.8 million, which is well lower by 14.2 % than 2012 (, 2014 ) . Therefore, it would non be good to put in a company whose growing is either really slow, or negative as witnessed in the two old ages.

Security information

Nuplex Industries limited under the International securities designation issue Number ( ISIN ) NZNPXE0001S8 the company’s portions. The security type is ordinary portions under the primary/building sector (, 2014 ) . Their indices include NZX 50, NZX Mid Cap, NZX 50 Portfolio, and NZX ALL.

Audited account at Nuplex Industries

The current external hearer for Nuplex Industries is PricewaterhouseCooper, Sydney. External hearers are employed by and study to the company’s audit commission. Although they are non portion of the company, they play major functions in the development of internal control. They comment on failings found in the accounting records, controls, and systems reviewed in the audit. External hearers provide statistical analyses on the effectivity and lucidity of the accounting policies run by the company. They assist the company’s direction become cognizant of events that may impact the future fiscal accounting of the company ( Porter, Hatherly and Simon, 2008 ) . In other words, they advise the direction and propose recommendations for future audits and accounting. The direction of the company can utilize these treatments to better their current certification processs, therefore giving a more efficient certification process following ethical and just presentation. External audit processs are really indispensable for the company since their sentiments may impact the future fiscal place of the company.

Part C: General Journal

Samuel johnsons P/L

General Journal

June 30, 2013





18ThursdayApril 2013

Common Stock

$ 60,000,000

18ThursdayApril 2013

Initial Payment history

$ 24,000,000

18ThursdayApril 2013

Extra paid-in capital

$ 320,000

$ 320,000

12ThursdayMay 2013

Histories Collectible

$ 15,000,000

30ThursdayJune 2013

Histories Collectible

$ 21,000,000


$ 60,320,000

$ 60,320,000


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