Spare Time Essay

Spare Time If time wasn’t an issue and there are many different thing I would like to learn on my own outside of what is already required. For instance, I would love to learn to surf and wake board but there Just isn’t much time between school, sports, homework, and a social life. I’m hoping someday I will find the time to learn and experience these extracurricular activities. Along with surfing and wake boarding I would love e to learn how to sing to really well. I love singing but I don’t think I am very good at all.

My mom seems to think I’m eally good when I sing karaoke but I am shy when it comes to getting up and singing in front of an entire room. If I would have taken or could take any kind of singing lessons I could actually learn how to use my vocal cords and how to know what tone and to use. Singing is something I enjoy practicing alone like in the car driving. The number one activity that is on my bucket list without a doubt would be skydiving. I have always wanted to skydive. One of my old gymnastics coach is currently a professional skydiver and recently achieved the Women’s Vertical World

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Record this year! She has a lot of experience and I enw her many creative pictures her and her friends post while in the air. She is very inspiring. Aside from these extracurricular activities If I could obtain an extra “learning hour” I would use this hour a day to sit somewhere relaxing and read for an hour. I think by using this hour to not worry about anything and take my mind off of the world around me I could become a better reader and writer. Reading, writing, and public speaking are the main aspects that I really need improvement on.


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