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Tuition fee is simply too high
Attention getter: 12 pesos per credit hour 1,000 pesos per semester that’s how much I paid for my education when I was in the Philippines. To break that down that’s 20 U.S dollars. 20$ per semester! Can you imagine? You might not fully understand the depth of numbers that I am saying but you’re about to. I might have an extreme example here, but we all pay way too much for our education. After all, almost all of you agree with me according to my survey last November 9 2015. its a problem that has a huge impact to all of us. Simply because we’re here and we have to pay for being here.

CREDIBILTY: Personally I have a fear of getting to the point of borrowing money for my education simply because I can’t afford it, that’s why I decided to join the military next year, to get a subsidize tuition. and that is why I am interested of doing this topic.

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Thesis: tuition cost is too high and we only define ways to deal with that, and allow our self to not be in debt when we graduate from college.

External preview: now today I’m going to give you couple reasons why tuition fee is as high as it is, the cause and the solution that will help students obtain an education without going into extreme debt.

S.P: now let’s go to the main problem.

Tuition cost is simply too high. According to our COD website under tuition and aids updated last 2015, author unknown, for resident people within the district pays $151 per credit hour, that’s $4,557 per year but that’s not all because we still have to pay for our books. Now our tuition fee is not bad compared to private colleges and well known universities like UIC. According to UIC undergraduate admission website under all other colleges/programs, author unknown, last updated 2015: tuition fee itself cost $14,816 per year this include mandatory fees, mandatory assessment and obligation fee. But that’s not all on campus room and board cost 10,882 per year and books and supplies cost around 1,400 per year. UIC students are paying around 27,098 per year.
Now, how do we pay our tuition cost? It’s a combination of multiple things. You can either have a parent that will pay for it, you can either have a job, you may be eligible for financial aid, you might be granted a scholarship, and the most important form of payment is student loans.

Actually money.cnn.com published an article in (New York) lastSeptember 10, 2014 author Blake Ellis. entitled more than 40 million of Americans now have student loans debt. Just the title of the article is mind boggling. Due to increasing tuition cost each year 40 million of American is now in debt, that’s up from 29 million consumers in 2008, according to credit bureau Experian. 18 percent of this people expect to take their debt to the grave.

According to an article posted in US News last 2014,author uknown, The average amount ofstudent loan debtagain crept up for the Class of 2013, and is approaching $30,000, according to a new report from the Institute for College Access and Success.

Can you see the Irony here? According to a statistic in the website business insider posted July 13,2015. Author uknown, United State is ranked 7 riches country in the world, yet people in it is dying out of debt.

S.P: now I believe that its not okay, but before we change something about that, we have to know How the Government is Making Your College Tuition More Expensive
According to an article titled “how the government is making your college tuition more expensive” author Ben Harris, posted august 22, 2014. Found In informationstation.com
“Even with mounting tuition costs, college applicants still line up to compete for a seat in a university classroom. This relentless demand for higher education is primarily explained by the promise of higher wages: A college degree can help graduates secure a better job and a bigger paycheck. But because most universities can only enroll a limited number of students, the demand for a college education is much higher than the available supply. Schools respond to this demand by raising the cost of tuition.

Believe it or not, government subsidies make matters even worse. You see, subsidies bring down the costs of a product or service. And when things are less expensive, demand rises. Higher demand means higher costs. And even for those students who do graduate, college doesn’t always deliver on its promise of higher income: Many students graduate and take positions they could have earned without attending four years of collegeand without spending tens of thousands of dollars.”
I want you to open your eyes to your surrounding, I want you to be more politically engage.
Furthermore, I brought up some solution in an international, national and community level that will help us lower down the tuition cost and solve the problem once and for all.


International: a pretty good example of free higher education is Germany’s college system. Now we pay at least $400-$500 per subject but according to an article “how German higher education controls costs.” At marketplace.com , Author Kirk Carapezza, published Tuesday march 31, 2015. German students think it’s way too much, they don’t want to pay for $500. They think it’s way too much for them, so they went out to the street and protest against that, they didn’t like that. So the universities changed their system, and said alright if you don’t want to pay that much we can do it for free. So now the only thing student pays are the general fee of $300 per year. This fee includes library fees, mandatory fees, and also yearly bus ticket to get from one place to another.
According to JJ Feinauer author of an article entitled, countries that offers free higher education. Published July 10, 2013 “Argentina, Denmark, Greece, turkey, Brazil, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Slovenia, and Sweden.” Is enjoying the knowledge given by free education.

If they can enjoy the quality of education why can’t we? After all we are a free country, and people in it are free people. I know that the system of our higher education here is mandatory, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be change, we can change the whole system if we want to and put the effort forward.
National: interms of the national level if you may ask yourself, how does the system can be financed, free education sounds good enough but where does the money come from? Well it was very much paid of by the government. Student has to pay nothing. According to BBC NEWS website, author Ben Carter, in a article which country has the highest tax rate? Published 25th of February 2014, Germany takes out 60.61% and united states takes out 60.45% on our salary. And in terms of sales tax Germany charges 50% more than what we pay. now you might not like this, but if we want to have a free education and a good future, we need to increase taxes just for a little bit. think about it! Would you rather be in debt for next 20 years or pay a little tax. I want you to advocate and support raising taxes. I want you to find a party that has the same interest as you. I want you to help me spread this awareness.

Community: now here in Illinois representative Linda Chapa Lavia Introduced the bill HB3476 last February 26, 2015, posted on ILGA.GOV.
“Amends the Higher Education Student Assistance Act. Sets forth atuition and fee exemption at State universities for the children of woundedmilitary personnel. Contains provisions concerning eligibility for theexemption, the amount and length of the exemption, probation for failure toachieve a requisite cumulative grade point average, and disability ratings.” Meaning to say, children of wounded military personnel will be eligible for free higher education following the academic qualification.
This is a good start for us as a community, we can do better but as of now, I’m going ask you to support Linda on this bill. We can help her by spreading this bill and let our voice to be heard.
Further I’m not going to tell you who to vote for or what to do in the next election. I just want you to be more politically engage. I want you to find a party that will represent your voice. “Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.”-peter druckeri want you to work hard, study hard and think about the future of our country. Free with knowledge full of hope, full of chances and full of success. its a problem that has a huge impact to all of us. Simply because we’re here and we have to pay for being here. Imagine a place with full of bright minds, full of knowledge and imagination. That’s what were getting with our education so stand up and claim your access to a better future. Thank you.


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