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Admitting mistakes and learn from it Three month ago, I attended the 4th leadership meeting as one of the delegate from our school. Th ecompetition was extremely intense while we were divided into 200 groups with members from different cities across China. My group was composed of 13 intelligent top students, and ou project was to improve public policy, which needed to go out of the competition arena to de extro research an dinterviews. It sounds exciting because everyone get bored after 4 days competition.

Unfortunately, he quota of the number of people who can go out are limited, only 8, and i am the person who stay,assigned to disseminate our project via the internet. At that day,when others went out, i Just lie in bed and stare at the platfond. I have nothing to do! They even did nt vote for leaving! Why i an left here! I was nt good at computing! Even not to mention exploit its advantage to serve our project! I lose my motivation at the beginning and did nt get it back until they came back. The 8 people had done astonishing work within a day!

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speech draft Essay
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They interviewed the head leader of the education department in the Capital of China, went across over 18 blocks and done over 300 questionnaire with a specific report over 5000 words. That’s really surprise me,and when they asked me, what about you,Paige? There is a big blank in my mind. I have came up with several answers to face up with this kind of situation, Just tell a lie, say I had a stomachache or something like that. But finally i tell the truth and said sorry to my partner. I am not showing how trustworthy i am, but felt sorry from the deepest art of my heart.

Everyone was devoted, but the whole team might fall Just because my own negative behavior. I don nt want to mak emy partners down because we stride over 2 province to get there for Championship, i do have the responsibility to the group. Then i bounced back into form soon, i helped summing up the material they got and sorting the most important part for the PPT making, trying to make amends. It was the first time that i Stay up all night. As was expected, our team got a big success in next days show up. That was the time that i really got the importance f admitting mistakes and learn from it.

In our daily life, by admitting mistakes you will gain respect and really get involved in the society. Now to think about what it e=would take for president? A prefessor from Gettysburg College said that Presidents seldom admit their mistake because they always think they are right. But brack Obama was an exception, since he took over the power to succession, he admitted mistakes several times and really make improvements on his poor policies so it is easy to imagine why he got absolute predominance in later elections. We are all uman beings, imperfect and prone to making mistakes.

We grow an d improve by learning from our mistakes. Adimtting mistake id not easy, but as those of us who have done it in the past can attest, there is a cleansing feeling after admitting wrong, almost as i f the weight of the world has been lifted off our shoulders. Making mistakes is unavoidable. Whether in ou personal or professional lives, the manner with which we handle our errors make all the difference. The good leaders will admit mistake and move on, the great leader will admit the mistake, learnfrom it ,and never


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