Speech example Essay

An of import timeless thought in The Shawshank Redemption directed by Frank Darabont. is hope. The movie demonstrates how hope is so important in life. Frank Darabont indicates the thought that hope is still of import in our lives because holding or missing in hope. affects people personally. nationally and worldwide. The movie techniques ; narration/dialogue. symbolism and lighting were used by the manager to heighten this of import thought of hope. Through these movie techniques the manager helps the spectator think about how holding or missing hope can impact our lives and helps the spectator conclude that holding hope. “is a good thing” . Andy Dufresnes decision every bit good.

During the shutting scene when Red finds and reads Andy’s missive. Dialogue is used as a movie technique to portray the inspiring thought of hope. Dialogue helps make the consequence of encouragement and comfort. Andy’s missive to Red says. “Remember Red. hope is a good thing. possibly the best of things. and no good thing of all time dies. ” This usage of duologue is bosom felt advice from person who has experienced great adversity. Andy believes that hope is non merely of all time enduring ; it is besides the greatest possibility to draw a bead on towards. This duologue helped me understand the timeless thought of hope because Andy in his missive accurately writes that hope is a good thing and that good things ne’er die ( timeless/generation ) . Those who have the ability and the self-control to hope are those who will be redeemed.

The technique of Symbolism that the manager uses efficaciously portrays the thought of hope. through the posting of Rita Hayworth pinned to Andy’s cell wall. The posting of Rita Hayworth represents the door to freedom and Andy’s desire to get away to a normal life. The posting of Rita Hayworth non merely conceals the chiselled hole but besides symbolizes life outside of the prison and the hope of a normal life once more. For illustration Rita Hayworth was one of the most popular actresses of that clip desired and admired by 1000000s of people. She represents the outside universe and the American dream. Rita Hayworth helped me understand the timeless thought of hope because as an attractive celebrated adult female she instils hope for those without hope particularly Andy who is imprisoned. Often people ( no affair what coevals ) who are without hope find comfort in a known individual. In Andy’s instance his desire towards Hayworth parallels his desire to get away. Reminders of the outside universe have comforted throughout clip. Paul in the Bible who was besides captive sought comfort in the adherents.

The last technique used to stress the thought of hope is illuming. The manager uses illuming to uncover the hopelessness of life within Shawshank prison. When Andy foremost arrives at the Gatess of Shawshank prison. the visible radiation is bright and natural. This lighting represents Andy’s last glance of the outside universe. that of freedom. As Andy walks into the chief door of Shawshank prison. the light quickly fades into darkness. This usage of melting light shows how dark and baleful Shawshank prison is. and contrasts the outside universe. This scene besides suggests it is the beginning of Andy’s personal hope descending. For illustration the dim illuming reflects Andy’s temper as he enters the prison. The emotion on his face is sadness. fright. letdown and heartache. This suggests Andy’s spiral into hopelessness. Frank Darabont helps the audience understand the deficiency of hope is relevant throughout clip because most captives would experience a grade of desperation cognizing they are no longer free people and moreover if they are guiltless like Andy the wretchedness and incredulity would be even more traumatic.

Hope is the driving force to felicity and freedom. Without hope we will non be able to get the better of great trouble peculiarly when all odds are against us. The manager Frank Darabont has shown us through the character Andy that his hope is intangible and unbreakable.


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