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Talia Williams Mr. Hedges SPCH 1315 10:20 MTWR July 21 2010 INFORMATIVE SPEECH OBJECTIVES Speech Topic: Hydrocephalus General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about hydrocephalus and how it affects my brother, mines and my family Central idea: Hydrocephalus plays a big part in my brother, mines and my family. INTRODUCTION I. Capture Attention of the Audience: (Display power point of brother and hydrocephalus brain)

II. Orientation Material: Hydrocephalus also knows as “water on the brain” a medical condition in which there is an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the ventricles, or cavities of the brain. It has affected my little brother in a lot of different ways. He can’t walk, talk, feed his self; he also has water in his brain, and he wears diapers. He has a twin but she is okay. Because my brother is this way my family been through a lot. This has affected my family and me in a lot of different ways. III.

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Central idea: Hydrocephalus affect us in a goof way and a bad way. BODY I. Hydrocephalus (Wikipedia) A. “Water on the brain” B. Accumulation fluid on brain C. Surround your brain and Spain D. Increased pressure inside skull E. Enlargement of the head II. Treatment (National Institute of Neurolgical) A. Hard on the family B. Surgical C. Shunt D. Dapokato III. Causes (Cause of Fluid on the brain) A. Doctors don’t know completely B. Genetic imbalance 1. Two brains ventricles are blocked C. Head Injuries 1. Accidents IV. How it affect my brother

A. Can’t walk B. Can’t talk C. Wear diaper D. Surgical all the times E. Shunt F. Can’t feed his self G. Doctor says he can’t see H. Joyful person I. Love to play J. Wheelchair V. How it affect my family and me A. scary/death B. change us C. look at life different D. hard in way E. makes us love him more CONCLUSION I. Review A. Hydrocephalus B. How it affect my brother C. How affect the family II. Concluding Remarks: Hydrocephalus plays a big role in my brother and my family life every day. Its scary everyday thinking is this his last day.

But this makes us strong. My brother is strong and fighting every day for his life. We right there with him helping him get through this. One day we hope he will be able to walk and talk. REFERENCE VISUAL AIDS Hydrocephalus. July 14, 2010 <en. wikipedia. org. wiki/hydrocephalus> Causes of fluid on the brain. July 14, 2010 www. ehow. com/about_5099115_causes_fluid_brain. html Hydrocephalus Fact Sheet. July 14 2010 < ninds. nih. gov/disorders/…/detail_hydrocephalus. htm> Power point- picture of my brother and hydrocephalus


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