Speed and Determination: The Basketball Profile of Sean Michael Frank Essay

Speed and Determination: The Basketball Profile of Sean Michael Frank BY rncJ691 Basketball: a game that requires quickness, strength, intelligence, and focus on both the offensive and defensive end. It is difficult, though, to play this game and maintain these skills when you’re defending or being defended by the lightning-fast Sean Michael Frank. Sean Michael Frank, a 22 year-old basketball player from the island of Pohnpei, prides himself for his speed and quickness both offensively and defensively.

Give him an opening for a split-second, and he will make you suffer by blowing right past you for a layup or a quick steal if he is on defense,” says a teammate of Sean’s (who asked to be anonymous). Sean Michael Frank was born in Pohnpei and was exposed to basketball ever since his pre-school days. He decided to start playing basketball professionally at the age of 13. He has not backed away from the sport ever since. He played for his elementary and high school varsity team, college team, village team and over the past summer, played for Pohnpei Team 3.

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Speed and Determination: The Basketball Profile of Sean Michael Frank Essay
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Just recently he played for Sokehs, a village in Pohnpei where he grew up, in the Pohnpei basketball league which took place in Agana. With his quickness and skills, Sokehs defeated team Kitti, another village in Pohnpei, in the championship game. Sean was named the unofficial MVP by his teammates for scoring the most points in their game and for his overall outstanding performance during the tournament. Other than his quickness, Sean is known by his teammates for his leadership skills and his will to always be better. Sean) is always there to motivate his teammates in sports,” says teammate David Malon, Jr. , 19. David also added that for Sean, “Practice makes better. (He) always tries to be better. ” Sean’s strive for perfection on the court and leadership skills came from watching his older brother play back when his brother was a high school player. “He brought me along in every game. He pushed me and continued to elevate my game through practice and verbal motivation to be better and stronger than him one day.

All that pushing paid off for Sean as he is constantly being asked by local coaches and players to play in their teams. Although Sean may be the ideal player that anyone would want in their team, there is still room for improvement. Sean is currently working on his vertical leap, an aspect that he feels he “really need to improve on” since he wants to dunk one day. His teammate David also feels that Sean needs slight work on his on-court communications skills. For Sean, improving these skills and perfecting his game may lead to achieving his basketball dreams. am looking forward to play for the nation (the Federated States of Micronesia) one day. ” Sean Michael Frank is currently majoring in biology at the University of Guam, and when he is not playing basketball or perfecting his skills, he is either in his room studying for his biology and chemistry classes or playing other sports. His teammates and friends view him as a gifted athlete who can play any game. When asked what other sport(s) he plays, he simply replied, “l ball… Any game… “


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