Spiderman Essay

SPIDERMAN Peter Parker the man who plays the role of Spiderman was introduced as an orphaned science genius teenager living with his aunt and uncle in a place called Forrest Hills which is a section of New York. He is a brilliant student but often gets teased by his peers for being smart, they enjoy calling him bookworm. One day during a science demonstration he gets bitten by a radioactive spider, he gains all sorts of powers such as super strength, the ability to climb walls and an amazing jumping skill.

Soon after he comes across a thief and decides to let him go saying that it’s a job for the police. A few weeks later his uncle Ben is murdered, Spiderman being so angry about the situation decides to go off after the murderer himself. When he finally tracks the murderer down he discovers that it was the thief he refused to arrest. He then learns that with great power comes great responsibility, from that moment on he became a vigilante. Seeing as though his Uncle passed away his Aunt May and Peter then became desperate for money. So he then decides to get a job as a photographer at the daily bugle.

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As he begins to battle his enemies for the first time he finds it hard to have a personal life, he had to cut himself off from any personal relationships therefore he had to lie to the people he loved. He also found that life was becoming more difficult because of all the interruptions to his schooling and work. He struggles with managing all this as well as being a hero, at one stage he wants to give up. When his enemies discover his true identity, they frequently endanger his loved ones, at some points he has to choose to save either the community or his loved one; luckily he is able to save both.

Spiderman is a role model to society. I think he displays personal responsibility and commitment to changing and helping society to live peacefully. He shows a great deal of courage and bravery to not give up and keep going, many people look up to him for this. His contribution to society is that crime and hatred is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. He keeps his community safe from the villains that are living among it, he shows that one man can make a great difference. www. wikipedia/spiderman. com


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